For Today…30 June 2008 ~ The Simple Woman Journal

FOR TODAY … 30 June 2008

Outside My Window…More smoke from all the wildfires.

I am thinking…Sure am glad the a/c is finally working here at work…it’s going to be a hot day. Sorta sad my husband is not picking me up for lunch, but glad he’s taking my car for an oil change. Legislatures need to take a paycut and have no cost of living like the rest of us State Workers! OH! Tomorrow I get my name for the Simple Woman Summer Exchange! :)

I am thankful for… Still having a job with all the budget cuts that State of Nevada is going through. We will not be getting our Cost of Living, but we still have a job…it will be tough.

From the kitchen…Fresh picked spinach and romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, avocados, and leftover bbq’d stuffed flank steak. Along with fresh whole wheat french bread, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil out of the garden. Fresh brewed Sun Iced Tea.

I am wearing… brown and tan stripe sun dress and berks…was running late and forgot my rings and bracelet! :O

I am creating… a clean house! :) Swept, mopped, vaccumed, and dusted!.

I am going… to go to lunch by myself. I see a couple of chicken soft tacos and a macho sized iced tea with lemon from Del Taco in my very near future

I am reading… just finished I am Morgan le Fay last night. Haven’t decided which book to read next. Probably an Addam’s Family book I picked up at our churches rummage sale. I love Charles Addams sense of humor.

I am hoping… that my husband wants to go up to Tahoe area for the Fourth to visit with his parents and sister…I love going up to TTT and haven’t this year, yet.

I am hearing… everyone coughing and sneezing from all the smoke in the air.

Around the house… there are two kitties…I’m not home at the moment, so they are either upstairs sleeping or Leo is chasing Max around.

One of my favorite things… Pumpkins. I love everything about pumpkins. The plant, the vines, the fruit, the pies, the pumpkin chili, the jack-o-lanterns!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… I actually do not have any plans! Oh my! Guess I’m just going to WING IT this week! :)

Here is picture thought I am sharing…The sunrise this morning with God’s Rays!


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Reno Rodeo & A Very Hot Weekend…

My sister gave me two tickets for Saturday’s Reno Rodeo Finals…reserved seating in the covered grandstand straight across from the shutes. Usually when we go its on the other side, in the sun, where we bake. It was pretty hot (98 degrees) and I toured the Jack Daniels travelling museum a couple of times just to get into the a/c! I’m a Bushmill’s girl (if I have any whiskey at all), but I was very grateful for JD on Saturday afternoon! :)

I love the rodeo…and while I like to see a cowboy stay on for the full 8 seconds…I love it even more when the horse and bull win. LOL! I especially love the bulls when they spin and spin and spin with slobber slinging in all directions. Cotton Rosser had brought some great stock this year, as always. I always love to listen to Bob Tallman; the Mutton Busting; the Steer Decorating; and we got to see a record set with a 91 in the saddle bronc. Cotton Rosser brought out one of the bucking mare’s new foals..they are so cute when little…all legs. There were some beautiful horses there…I especially like the dapple greys. And there were some local Clydesdales from the Redd Barney Ranch! Just beautiful!

These pictures were taken by Liz Margerum of the Reno Gazette-Journal:

Here are some of my pictures from my cell phone…not that great, but it’s all I had with me.


More squash, Cinnamon Basil blooming, and overall garden pictures…

Oh…and I’ve discovered that Sugar Peas don’t quite like being in a pot with hot weather…they are all fried and dried. Luckily the ones I planted next to the pumpkins are doing great and are loaded with peas. Next year I’ll be planting them WAY before May.

Here are some pictures of this mornings sunrise…

It’s been very hot already…in the upper 90′s. Not looking forward to July’s weather. Fires, Smoke, and Heat.