Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt ~ one more block finished

After the paper-piecing fiasco with block 1, Attic Windows, I decided to hand-piece the rest of the 111 blocks.

(fabrics ~ Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley)

So fare I’ve pieced #2, Autumn Tints.

And #54, Kitchen Woodbox.

#26 Cut Glass Dish and #24 Country Path are all cut out ready for me to piece.

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8 responses to “Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt ~ one more block finished

  1. Oh my goodness! Those are beautiful – and hand pieced! I am the slowest ever! What are your tips for finishing a monstrous project? Shall I make myself do it while I watch tv at night? :)

    • Hi Blaze. LOL! My tips? Just keep at it girlie! Don’t make yourself do it…you just have to want to do it. But yes, I like to take an hour of so (longer if my husband is watching boxing on tv) and stitch while watching/listening to tv. I also take one block with me to work on while on breaks at work.

  2. So fun!! That was a GREAT fabric collection choice for this quilt!!

    Actually, as with Dear Jane, I know of far more people who are handpiecing this than machine piecing. ;-)

    Your blocks are turning out great! Can’t wait to work on more of mine in FL.

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