Gone to the Birds…

Red-Tail and Kestrel taken at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno…Scrub Jays and Robin at my house (taken through a dirty window…sorry).

And…hopefully this pretty guy is one of the Ranger’s or neighbor’s kitty…he’s pretty well fed for a stray (taken at the park).

For Today ~ 05 December 2011 ~ Simple Woman’s Day Book

FOR TODAY … 05 December 2011.

Outside My Window… Blue sky, breeze, lots of traffic.

I am thinking… It’s cold! I need to take a day off to bake the rest of my gifts. I wish my sister would post more pictures of Hawaii! For goodness sakes…I could use some warm beach pictures right now.

I am thankful for… the heater under my desk. :) And for while I have some “wants”…my NEEDS are pretty much taken care of…and I know the difference between the two.

From the kitchen… I’m not sure. I baked an acorn squash and pork chops last night, but I don’t know what I’ll make for tonight. I have two batches of fudge to cut up and store away until I send out my packages.

I am wearing… jeans, tennis shoes, a black mock turtleneck.

I am creating… candy and cookies.

I am going… water my plants…looking around and some are drooping. Sorry guys!

I am reading… Mitch Albom’s Have A Little Faith.

I am hoping… that I can sell the rest of my jams, jellies, and candles here at work…can use a little spending money.

I am hearing… just the traffic outside. Pretty quiet here right now.

Around the house… I put some Christmas lights out around the front door and enclosed side porch…a few on the fence too. Froze my fingers off too! It was 19F that morning!

One of my favorite things… birds, and taking pictures of them.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… bake. Gingersnaps, Russian Tea cookies, Peppermint biscotti, more fudge and one more batch of peanut brittle.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

American Kestrels from yesterday’s walk around Rancho San Rafael park.

Goldfinches & Warblers ~ SPRING IS HERE!

Yesterday, at Rail City’s Garden Center ~ Goldfinches enjoying a semi-warm, sunny, spring morning…splashing away.

This evening, after the sun went down, I spotted a pretty little bird hopping around my neighbors rooftop and tree…the lighting was pretty dim, sorry. I think it’s a Western Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

Cold Process Soap, Banana Nut Bread, Wool Wall Hanging, and the Yard

Am having a busy weekend…

I decided to use up all of my soap supplies and then shut down shop…there are a lot of soap makers out there and I can’t compete with the melt & pour crowd…I guess the supplies are cheaper with M&P than CP. So I’m going to gear the last batches towards what my family and friends like…that way if I don’t sell them, they’ll be gifts for Christmas! :)

So far I have a Spiced Chocolate Caffè, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, and a Fall Apple Crisp. I’m going to do a Christmasy one with fir and spices…and I’m not sure about the last one.

The stupid stick blender blew up on the first two whirls of the first batch of soap…big sigh. So I stirred by hand. First batch took 45 minutes to get a full trace; 30 minutes on the second batch; 1.25 hours on the third. Oy!

Below is the Spiced Chocolate Caffè ~ with unrefined cocoa butter and coffee butter ~ smells wonderful.

Here is the Fall Apple Crisp ~ I used a mix of Red Apple, Apple Mint, and an Almond fragrance oils to come up with this nice smelly soap.

Here’s the mixings for the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap ~ I used both ground oatmeal and colloidal oatmeal.

Also made two loaves of banana nut bread…one with dark chocolate chips, the other plain. Both with pecans ~ my favorite.

I’ve been contacted through my webshot’s photo album to make another of an Autumn Wool “penny-rug” Wall Hanging (no pennies though). Started to pull out my tub of wool when I got hissed at…my Maxie was trying to sleep on top of it. So I had to wait a bit until His Royal Pain In the Arse was done taking his nap to see if I had all the wool to make one. Yep…I do. She’ll be a happy camper.

Fall Wool Wall Hanging

Just some pictures I took yesterday afternoon while waiting for friends to arrive so we could walk down and look at all the vintage cars of Hot August Nights (pictures will be in Monday’s posting).

NOTE****Was going to post pictures of the Hot August Nights cars that were cruising last night at Victorian Square in Sparks…but will post those tomorrow.

Veggies on the Vine & Life from a Park Bench

I’ve veggies growing! Still only one tomato about the size of a marble (but lots of blossoms) ~ found a squash last night (and lots of blossoms) ~ peas & peppers are blooming ~ corn is a’growing tall ~ had the first of the spinach and romaine last night for dinner with some radishes too. Now I must wait…impatiently I may add…for the rest to grow-up. LOL!

We have 2 doves that must have a nest in the back yard somewhere…they come down to the garden after I water it every evening. And I saw a young Scrub Jay back there too with some goobers.

After dinner, not wanting to watch the news, I went out front with my camera and plopped down on the bench to watch the world go by. It was Farmer’s Market night so there was a lot of traffic both foot and car-wise. But I was more interested in the young Robin following his mama around the yard. He was definitely having a “bad hair day”…too cute for words, so here he is ~

Copper kitty and quail way out front ~

The church steeple next door ~

A David Austin, The Squire, rose…

The Memorial Cairn I made for my obsidian rock (that I had for 22 years of my life) that some bloody arse stole from the yard.

Had my tootsies up…seems I’ve already developed my summer icky feet. :) I hate wearing socks, so if I’m not going on a hike I wear Berks or go bare-footed.

Now…wasn’t that an exciting evening in Sparks?! LOL! Hope everyone has a great weekend…not really sure what we have planned other than yard sales.

One of our upcoming seminar speakers is “into” rockets and told me about launchings up at the Black Rock. It looks like AEROPAC has a launch this weekend. Really not sure if you have to pay to watch…I’d probably just take my binoculars with me, then head on over to Trego Hot Springs for the rest of the day.

June 19 Mudrock Setup Day – meeting at Bruno’s @ 1:00 before heading out to the launch site

June 20 Mudrock Research Launch – Black Rock Desert
Waiver 100,000ft MSL (96,500 ft AGL)
Note: During Research Launches spectators must stay clear of the launch pads and any area where people are prepping research rockets and or motors.
$30 per person attending

June 21, 22 Mudrock – Black Rock Desert
Waiver 100,000ft MSL (96,500 ft AGL)
Club Meeting after day launch closes
Saturday Night launch with 7,500ft MSL (4,000 ft AGL) waiver, J motors and under. All HPR rockets must carry visible strobes.
Please sign up for launch duty.
$30 per person to launch
$5 per day for everyone else

Birds, Birds, and more Birdies

Had a few ideas rattling around in my head ~ but settled on birds.  Was thinking soon it will be time to go up to Honey Lake, CA area to watch all the migrating birds.  Also remembered I have to stop off at Raleys to buy a big bag of unsalted peanuts for the scrub jays.  Almost out of goobers…it’s not a pretty sight when I get low on goobers.

Scrub Jay in Sparks, NV scrub jay 2 Picking a Goober Too Many Goobers! Got me a Goober! Rufus, the Bird Watcher

Baby Quail in our yard last summer ~

Canada Geese babies from work ~
canada geese

I’m looking forward to migration season ~ will have my batteries charged and ready to go take pictures! Hope you enjoy the pictures.