Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe & UFO’s

I’m actually a Thursday’s Child ~ but it’s not Thursday here in Nevada at the moment.

Thursday’s child has far to go.
You have many ideas, and you want to do them all.  
You will go far in life!

Over in the Crafters’ Cafe Kiwi was talking about all the UFOs she is finishing up ~ and no, not the Area 51 type ~ but the Unfinished Object UFO’s.  

So last night after ruining my copper wire thingy…hammered it too thin and broke it in many pieces…I pulled out a cross-stitch project I’ve been working on for MANY OF YEARS.  Actually…I started it many years ago, then it’s been sitting in a tote for many years thereafter.

Here she is!  It’s the Celtic Christmas by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum sold by Lavender & Lace.  I just have the right-side to finish.  Pulled her out last night and started stitching ~ will work on her before bed every night and hopefully will be done soon.  Then off to frame her.

I also have an Underground Railroad quilt to finish for my husband. I finished the top not too long ago and need to sandwich the puppy together and get it quilted.

Underground Railroad Quilt Top

Hmmm…what else is in my UFO pile? Oh yes!

Dresden Plate quilt blocks ~ still have a bunch to make!

Dresden Plate Quilt BlocksDresden Plate Quilt Blocks fabric

And I have the leaves of a beaded Sunflower finished ~ but no sunflower to put them to!

French Beaded Sunflower

And I have lots of “flowerettes” for a white Hydranga finished…but not enough to make a flower yet. This is what it will look like ~ only white.

French Beaded Hydranga

Hopefully I will get them all finished soon! 😀

5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe & UFO’s

  1. It’s Thursday Down Here when its only Wednesday Up There!

    No going to bed at all for you! Then your Celtic Princess will be finished in no time at all. 😀

  2. Yes…I can be a Thursday Child for two days! 😀

    I worked on her last night until my right hand went numb…stupid thumb. I’m going to look into another clinic that deals with CT. Acupuncture works for so long and then it’s right back to being painful…left is great, right not so.

  3. Methinks you’ll just have to become left-handed.
    I certainly became more ambidextrous when I broke my right wrist and had it in plaster for ever so long. Practice makes perfect. 😉

  4. Sorry you messed up your copper thingy. Are you going to try it again. It started off great!! I know about those UFO’s. I have LOTS of them too.

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