Easter 2008 Weekend

We had a beautiful weekend here in Northern Nevada!  70 degrees and sunny on Easter Sunday ~ Who’d thunk it!?

Spent some time at Rancho San Rafael Park on Saturday throwing horse shoes (miserably I might add…more so than usual for me!), walking , taking pictures, and winning a game of cribbage.

I made that Christmas Ham of Paula Deen’s for Easter…love the orange marmalade & Dijon Mustard glaze…could have gone without the crust.  Next time just the glaze.  Very tasty ham.  The Mushroom & Asparagus salad that was in Raley’s Something Extra was VERY GOOD! 

After church I made a mad dash to mom’s house to see the kiddo’s and my BIL’s sister’s daughter…Brooke is a cutie. 

Some pictures from the weekend ~ First two from my front yard; rest from Rancho San Rafael park near UNR.

Grow Dammit! Simon has NOTHING on Rufus

Easter Bunny Ranch San Rafael Rancho San Rafael
Just love duck butts!  Sooooo Cute!

Easter pics of Nathan, Brooke and Hannah ~

Nathan with Brooke Hannah & Brooke

4 thoughts on “Easter 2008 Weekend

  1. Very nice pictures. Glad to see somebody is enjoying spring weather. I can only dream of spring. My eyes are clouded by snow!! 😀

    Is that how you get your plants to grow? LOL!! I need one of those.

  2. Beautiful pictures! People in my area call our weather spring, but if it’s under 75 degrees, I call it winter. LOL

    Nathan, Brooke, and Hannah are great looking kids! 😀

  3. ROFL! Under 75 is winter?! Nope between 60-70 we are running around in tshirts, shorts and sandals!

    And yes…that is how I get my plants to grow, it worked on last years tomatos…figured it couldn’t hurt with the daffies! 🙂

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