I Played Hooky Yesterday!

Didn’t even tell my husband…got up at the regular 4:30 am, got dressed…but then said I was going to eat breakfast at home instead of at work.  Then he left for work and I got back into my sweats and dug out my butters and oils to make a batch of soap!  Hee!    He had no clue…I hate when he knows I have a day off as I always end up running HIS errands and never get anything done that I took the day off for in the first place.

So!  I made cold processed Raspberry Lemonade Salt bars and I had an order for Oatmeal Milk and Honey solid lotions and two regular lotions ~ finished all by 8:30 am. 

Here is the Raspberry Lemonade salt soap bars (the box that my friend Sue mailed books in made an EXCELLENT soap mold!) before cutting them.  These have to be cut sooner than my regular soap as coconut oil and salt make for a harder bar.  I used coarse Dead Sea Salts and fine Pacific Sea Salt in this batch ~ along with colloidal oatmeal.  The oils used were Sunflower, Castor, Jojoba, Palm & Coconut.  Butters used were Shea, Cocoa and Mango.  Then I swirled with ultramarine pink.  Berry Berry Pretty if I say so myself!  Smells great too.   This will be ready in about 3 weeks…they cure faster then the regular soap.

I made my first salt bar last year and used Pineapple fragrance oil…came out pretty good. Just couldn’t sell any of it ~ which is ok as I make all my soaps as if I’m the only one going to use it. That way if it doesn’t sell, I’m happy as can be using it. I love the salt bar in the shower…makes my skin nice and soft. Doing wonders on my face too…those “monthly” pimples are gone gone gone! I hate being 41 with pimples! Patooey! 🙂

After 1/2 hour on the elliptical I headed to the Sparks Library to check some silvermithing books that Sue of PERPETUALPLUM recommended for me to read…found those, plus another that looked really interesting.

Speaking of Sue…she sent me four books in trade for some of my soaps, lip balms and room sprays. Received those in Monday’s mail. I really like the metal crafts book…will probably pass on the Tinwork books.

Anyone still do puzzles?! They are so addicting ~ like eating a whole bowl of popcorn. Started one Monday night and worked on it yesterday too. This one is a Charles Wysocki puzzle ~ Hellraisers on Halloween Night…my favorite time of the year! 🙂 It was a .50 cent puzzle from Thrift Depot in Sparks.

Spent the rest of the afternoon out front in the lounge chair soaking up the sun reading JEWELLERY AND SILVERSMITHING TECHNIQUES by Carles Codina.

11 thoughts on “I Played Hooky Yesterday!

  1. When I wanna stay back home and watch reruns of House and simpsons, I always give the excuse of having the Flu! ROFL
    And its true – a day off every now and then does good… 🙂

  2. It sounds like you were a busy girl on your day off! 🙂 The soap looks good enough to eat. 😉

    Just one question–when do you have time to work? 🙂 😀

  3. It’s sooo hard to stay at the “day job” when there is so much to do at home that I want to do! 🙂 But…I’ve over 300 hours of sick-time on the books! Hee! Cough…Cough…Cough!

  4. The soap looks fabulous! But you are a ba-ad girl, tricking him like that. ;-P Too funny!

    We love to do jigsaw puzzles on foul weather days. I have a new one waiting in its still-sealed box… a beautiful, tropical theme.

    I hope you are, ah, feeling better, heh heh…

  5. Take care. Some employers check out their employees’ blogs! So do prospective employers when applying for a new job after being shown the door from the old one.

    I like Charles Wysocki art, but I don’t have time to do jigsaw puzzles with so many other things needing done… quilts, quilts, quilts. 😀

    That soap looks just wonderful. It really does look good enough to eat. 🙂

  6. Beautiful soap!

    Just a thought, how would an employer know if you had a blog unless you told them? Mine don’t know, because I didn’t tell them. Besides I don’t think they would know how to look up someone’s blog. They are not that computer savy.

    I need an extra day off…hmm…I think I feel an illness comming on, LOL!

  7. LOL! I played hooky with them knowing about it. I’m too mamby-pamby to not go by the rules here at work ~ I have a lot of comp-time on the books too.

    😀 That’s what happens when I get here so early…sometimes I actually start my real work early and still leave at my regular time.

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