Saturday Afternoon Yardwork ~ Monday’s Aches & Pains

AKA ~ Die Juniper Die!

LOL!  Boy am I sore today! 

While the husband went to the UNR Wolf Pack double-header against the New Mexico Aggies with his dad…I worked on the front yard.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to work on my raised garden beds in the back. 

We inherited some Devil sent Juniper bushes out front when we bought our house.  I hate them.  I HATE THEM.  I WANT THEM DEAD!  Errrr….ummm…sorry about that rant.  Pssssttt….stickery ugly bushes?  DIE!!!!!

I pulled out my 17″ electric hedge trimmer (yes…woefully under-powered for the job), clippers, hand saw, wheelbarrow and box of trash bags and went to work. I must have looked like cross between Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd ~ as whenever I did look up from my work, I saw worried and amused looks from my neighbors ~ some even kicked back with a beer in hand to watch. And I’m glad for the church next door, their choir practice drowned out my swearing. My arms and legs look like a demonic cat attacked me!

These bushes have been trimmed…but I want them out. I’d like to plant OLD ENGLISH ROSES and some peonies that came from my Grandma’s house in Nebraska. But that will be another day as I’m still working on the OTHER side of the yard….Stage RIGHT!

That sad looking brown thing in the corner? That is the same stinking bush that’s on the left side of the yard…only it was a lot taller. I’ve got it down to fence level…now we can take a chain saw to it and haul it to the transfer station. In the very corner I’m going to plant a lovely lilac bush/tree. And next to it, on the right, I’ll plant either Old English roses or Flutterby bushes. More Columbine, Foxglove and Delphiniums.

This is what the corner looked like last year in July ~ the vine over the bush is a Virginia Creeper. I let it take over so I didn’t have to see the bush…was very pretty in the fall when it turned all red.

Oh yeah…and those dang Day Lilies will be yanked too. Will give them away to the lady across the street. Stupid things are growing in the grass now.

Luckily our trash management people send out a free dump voucher every spring…those bushes will be heading to the dump today. I “free-cycled” all the stuff my husband was going to add (couch, chair, army chest and dvd/cd tower)…we live on an alley with lots of “creepers”, so all you have to do is set something outside your fence and in 5 minutes it’ll be gone. Now I have lots of room in the truck for those dang bushes.

Oh…and tonight? I’m borrowing my FIL’s chain saw. Then I’m drilling holes into the stump and pouring nitro down the holes and blowing the thing outta my yard!

(We no longer live at this house…and I hated those junipers so bad that I deleted the pictures I was hosting) 

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