Josh Gates of Destination: Truth ~ NECKLACE ID HELP!

Ok…this is driving me crazy ~ I’ve been trying to get a good look at that dang necklace of Josh’s! Other than stalking the man (which still is a possibility…he’s a damn good looking man! ~ although my husband may not like it) so I can get up close and personal, I can’t figure out what exactly it is!

Googling doesn’t help, going onto his website hasn’t helped. Any ideas folks? Anyone have a close up of it? Is it a compass arrow? I’m guessing it’s a compass of some sort. I’d like to make one in copper or silver.

NOTE: A comment from a reader states it’s an explorer sundial necklace.

Could be…but it definitely looks like an Universal Ring Dial (could be the same thing). Also looks like a version of the Armillary sundial.

This type of portable dial is called universal because it is adjustable for use in any latitude. Pivoted across the center of the outer ring is a thin metal “bridge”. The bridge is slotted and bears a cursor pierced with a tiny hole. The cursor is moved to that point on the bridge which corresponds to the day of the observation. The Sun shining through the tiny hole casts a beam of light on the inner surface of the time ring, which is calibrated to show the hours of the day.

To use the dial, adjust the suspension ring to the correct latitude, using the upper scale if one is at the northern hemisphere and the lower scale if one is at the southern hemisphere. Next, slide the cursor on the bridge to the correct date. Then, put the hour ring 90° down until it touches the stoppers. Then hold the sundial on the string and turn it slowly until a sun ray hits the notch on the hour ring. Now you can tell the local time. If applied correctly, the outer ring will now be aligned in the north-south direction, the hour ring will be parallel to the equator and the bridge with the cursor will be parallel to the axis of the earth.

21 thoughts on “Josh Gates of Destination: Truth ~ NECKLACE ID HELP!

  1. Of course, I see you are using his name in your tags. Maybe one of his people will get in touch with one of your people. OR perhaps, I should have one of my people contact one his people asking them to contact one of your people. 😀

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I can make a modified version from what I see…it’s just I’d like to see it up-close. Gets pretty blurry on me when I enlarge the picture.

    While you’re at it…just have your people tell his people where I live! ROFL!

    • This is what he has around his neck see the link below !!!
      had to hunt it out finally….. Found it 🙂

      Unique brass coloured ‘sundial’ pendant – eBay (item 260565858290)

    • hey !!

      are you getting one done in brass ? is it possible if you could send me one too as im a looking for it since 3 months not finding it:( i did order one from Poland but it is 6cm which is too big to wear as a pendant so let me know appreciate your helpl!!
      if yes let me know the cost 🙂

  3. Yeah sure… you’d like his people just to send him around in person!
    Then you can have an exhilarating time examining him it right up close. Good one, RW. 😀

    • Did you ever make this Josh Gates necklace? If so, I’d probably buy one. My mom wants one, and I’m trying to find it for her birthday. I checked your Etsy shop but didn’t see it. Please let me know either way, thanks…

  4. It is an explorer sundial necklace. They were used as personal time keepers before watches were invented.

    In 1777, during the American revolution, French general Lafayette wanted to express his respect for his friend General George Washington. He chose that silver Explorer sundial as that gift.

    They are very cool. My dad brought me one, from France, when I was a kid. The only other one I’ve seen was on Destination:truth.

    Them here:

    enjoy, H

  5. Thanks Houston for that link. Cool item. I’ll have to stick to regular watches. It sounds too complicated for me! I agree about Mike Rowe, too! I love it when he gets dirty and has to take off his shirt! His voice is nice too! I read somewhere that he sang opera and got his start as a pitch man on QVC.

  6. Josh explains his necklace in this interview. He doesn’t really say what its “of” but he talks about where he got it, which is pretty neat.

  7. Thx for the info..we luv this show and always wondered about his they have info on his website or fb page?..deb, mike and ronin the cat…. ps. glad to see an intersting website as well and look fwd to exploring it more…. i do have my own website..its for our veterans…

    • Not sure…I haven’t looked much since I wrote that post. I’m sure by now someone has massed produced the necklace! LOL!

      Good work you’re doing! I just donated two quilts to our local Veteran’s Guest House here in Reno, and quilt blocks for quilts to be made up for veterans in hospitals.

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