Copper Hammering and Photography Class

It’s Thursday…and I have my photography class tonight through Truckee Meadows Community College. Capture Desert's Spring Colors ~ taught by Mark Vollmer. Can’t wait. The field trip is on Saturday…wonder where we’re going to go take pictures!?

I’ve been having lots of fun hammering and wire wrapping copper during the evening this week. Decided to practice on copper as it’s much cheaper than sterling silver…will wait to work with that wire.

All of my soldering tools are outside in the backyard shed/tool shop, and I haven’t had any desire to go out there at night so I’ve been sticking to wire wrapping the pendents. After hammering, beading and wrapping I put them in a tupperware with LOS (Liver of Sulphur) for oxidizing.

Here is what I’ve done so far ~

5 thoughts on “Copper Hammering and Photography Class

  1. These look beautiful! You put so much detail into your work!!! Have fun in your photography class tonight! 🙂

  2. Now I know why you take such great photographs! 😀

    All that hammering of metal must help you work out some stress. 😉 Beautiful outcome, too. 🙂

  3. Hi friend! 😉 I just wanted to let you know that there is some fun on my blog this weekend! I don’t want you to miss out!

  4. Your copper work is gorgeous! Love that one with the malachite (I think) bead. Solder? Don’t need no stinkin’ solder. 😉

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