Garden, Quilting, Photography & Yard Sales Makes for a Great Weekend

Even though we were cursed with 96 degree record breaking temps 3 days in a row…I had a great weekend!

My garden is sprouting like crazy now! Peas, PUMPKINS, squash (all three kinds), radishes, cucumbers, black beans, bush beans, either the spinach or romaine (can’t remember which side was which) and corn.

Was at the Washoe County Extension Office’s Master Gardener Plant Sale bright and early Saturday morning…but not as bright and early as a few hardy soles. We were in the first 1/4 of the line though! I bought 4 different tomato plants (Black Russian, Black Japanese, Beligum something, and a Yellow Plum), 3 Basil plants (Cinnamon, Lime, and regular), 2 rhubarbs, clary sage, borage, parsley, 2 hollyhocks, 2 Irish bells.

For $1.50 I picked up two Kodak box cameras at the Sparks Community Rummage Sale ~ Brownie Starflex and a Duaflex.

Cleaned the Duaflex up and then tried the ‘Through the Viewfinder’ method…I need to read more about that one as I don’t think I grasp it yet.

And…I finished the binding on a lap quilt that will be heading to Gulf Port, MS soon.

3 thoughts on “Garden, Quilting, Photography & Yard Sales Makes for a Great Weekend

  1. Oh my gosh! This post is totally making me realize that we are SO on the same page here! Your little seedlings look absolutely adorable! Eee! Isn’t it the best feeling!? They are going to get so big! I bet they’re loving the sun too!

    And your photography is just gorgeous! I am so impressed with that old camera’s vintage quality! I think it’s breathtaking!

    Also! Though I don’t quilt, I appreciate the artform greatly, and think you are amazing for working so hard! What a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love the quilt! Very good work!

    Could you please send some of your weather my way because I feel like we have been cursed with 60 degree weather and rain–anything under 75 is waaaayyy too cold for me! 😉

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