Which Super-Macro/Close-Up Lens to get?!

Big sigh…

I’m looking at the Raynox's Super-Macro/Close-Up Lens for my Canon PowerShot S2-IS camera. I'm not ready to invest in a couple of hundred dollars for a dedicated Super-Macro lens so looking at the Raynox MSN-202, DCR-250 and the MSN-505.

I’m leaning towards the DCR-250 ~ but was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the subject?!

29 MAY 2008 UPDATE: I think I’ll be buying the DCR-250, as my sister is getting the MSN-202 ~ we have the same camera so if need be, I can play with her lens.

Also, my order with NWV Direct sorta went wonky. But I think after my call with Maurice this afternoon, he turned things around. I had ordered the Canon LAH-DC20 Lens Adapter & Hood, the TC-DC58B Teleconverter, and the 500D Close-up Lens. Then was called yesterday to tell me that the Close-Up lens was on B/O…so I told them to cancel that part and send the rest. THEN I just found out that the whole order is on back-order! Good Grief!

So now that whole order has been scraped and am getting an Olympus High Grade 1.7x Teleconverter Lens (for $100 less than listed) with a step down ring & Adapter Tube for Canon S2-IS. Maurice has the Canon S5-IS and that is the lens he uses. I have my fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Which Super-Macro/Close-Up Lens to get?!

  1. Ooh! Big changes! Good luck getting a camera! I don’t know enough to help you decide, but I am excited for you all the same!

    Your little garden print is fluttering its way to you!! I hope you receive it soon friend!

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