So How DO You Drill Holes in the Bloody Sea Glass?!

Ok…I’m beyond frustrated. How the heck does a person drill a bloody hole in a piece of sea glass?! I have lots of lovelies that I’m afraid to drill until I figure it out…am now working on broken beer bottles I’ve found in the alley. I just can’t do it.

Here are two pieces I started out with ~

How I wanted to wire wrap them ~

What that beautiful brown beach glass looked like after I tried to drill it ~

I placed the glass on a soaking wash cloth and poured water onto it while drilling. I used a diamond bit dremel tool drill bit…and either I break the glass or the drill bit just spins and spins without doing anything.

Other than telling me to go buy beach glass already drilled…anyone have any ideas? O PHULEEEZ ~ O PHULEEZ ~ O PHULEEZ!!!!!

24 thoughts on “So How DO You Drill Holes in the Bloody Sea Glass?!

  1. So pretty! I don’t know how I can help you with that, but I have wanted to know too. 😦 I collect the little pretties, and would love to know how too. Did you try googling it??

  2. My husband used to drill glass bottles to make incense bottles. He used a good quality dimond bit with a press drill. The bottels were submerged in water with a lubricant fluid in it. Even so, he had to practice. Sorry I can’t be more specific on what he was useing. Perhaps the submersion with lubricant would be enough.

  3. Thank you again, Duchess! I guess I need to go find a very good drill bit and some lubricant…in the mean while, I think I’ll just wire wrap without the holes in the glass. 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I pioneered the sea glass jewelry business and have been drilling sea glass for over twenty years. On my website there is some information on drilling sea glass. I hope it helps some. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Lisl Armstrong,
    Out Of The Blue Seaglass Jewelry

    Here is the sea glass drilling information:

    Hpw To Make Sea Glass Jewelry

    Drilling sea Glass

  5. Hey…I interviewed a guy on my blog…he drills the glass…I think he use a pneumatic drill and does it under water(in a bucket)…with a diamond bit…his phone number is at the bottom of the blog entry…call him!


  6. LOL! I’ve been to both of your sites. I do the drilling just like Lisl Armstrong of Out Of The Blue Seaglass Jewelry…but I think it’s definitely the drill bit itself that I need to find.

    Bro…LOVE your blog ~ good writing, great sense of humor!

    Thanks for trying to help!

  7. Another thing to mention…if you are looking for diamond tip drill ‘bits’ the ones I buy for drilling sea glass are actually called ‘burs’ used by the dental industry. Just to expand your search a bit.


  8. Ahhhhh! OH, SO THANK YOU, GAIL! I’ll try to find those.

    On my trip to Monterey early this month I found LOTS of sea glass…and am so disgusted with my attempts at drilling holes in glass that I didn’t want to take a chance with these. So I wire wrapped a few of them to make necklaces for myself and family members.

  9. Not really sure how much a good diamond drill bit cost…I’ve been wire wrapping my glass with copper and sterling silver.

    Some day I’ll be going to a lapidary store and find out.

    Someone suggest a dentist drill bit.

  10. I think that the bur bits from the dentist is your best bet so far.
    I have several substances that defy drilling in the conventional way but the bur bits are not long enough..

    Therfore i am designing an inexpensive drill bit that will drill most anything…… i hope… first batch to be tested in the morning 11 /19 /08

  11. Dont see a real recent updat, maybe you will post one soon. I am making myself nuts trying to drill poured glass cubes! I am using a diamond bore drill bit and a drill press. Have tried varing speeds, pressures, lubricants water and oil based. Still breaking each one. Have drilled about 20 and only two successfully. Hope someone has an idea, sis

  12. Buy from Lasco, get the packages of tem small drills,2mm is easiest to start but 1 1/4 mm is better on fine drilling smaller holes. Put your seqaglass in a dish so the water just covers the glass. I use a small piece of left over carpentry wood like a 1’by 1”, and never ,or allmost never breqak the glass, the wood square goes in the dish with water, and the glass on the wood good luck

  13. have no personal experience yet, but i did find a site where a guy suggested and highly recommended a 3/32″ collet and a 4.4mm ball tipped diamond drill bit. everything else he did the same as you … the container with water, etc.

    he drills 1/2 way on one side and then turns the glass over to drill through the other side. he said it comes out clean that way.

    also suggested using the slowest speed and not much force … let the bit do the work.

    wait until the drill completely stops before removing.

    i hope that works, ‘cuz that is what i am going to try.


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