Veggie Garden, Birds, Flowers, and Kids ~ Things to make you Smile

Things that make me smile ~

Finding out where the Scrub Jays hide their goobers when watering the garden last night! Guess what I found in the radishes?!

Taking a walk in the morning on campus (UNR) before work and finding all the roses in bloom ~

The warmth of the sun hitting the cairns in the cool morning ~

Finding my wee tomato growing ~

Seeing my corn TALLER than a grasshopper’s knee! Especially since it looks like corn will be scarce this year.

Kids being silly while camping ~ (my niece’s birthday party in May…that’s frosting all over the place after decorating cupcakes)

9 thoughts on “Veggie Garden, Birds, Flowers, and Kids ~ Things to make you Smile

  1. Your posts always make me so happy!! What amazing photographs from that little bird and his peanut! And those shot of the roses in the morning?! Those are gorgeous! They would make beautiful large prints! Can you imagine them blown up and framed right next to each other?!

  2. I love the bird with the peanut in his little feet. So cute!

    The kids look like they had a great time! And the flowers, what can I say? Just beautiful!

  3. Hey there! 🙂 I have a clematis question for you. The roots of my plant are really getting dry (despite the rain) and brittle. 😦 Everything online says to cut the plant back… Do you have any advice??


  4. I don’t have a clematis…my in-laws and mom does though. I’ve NEVER seen them cut back a plant. Hmmmm…let me look at a few of my books when I get home from work today.

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