Buckbean Beer, Roller Derby, Roses and Recipes

Had a nice slow weekend ~ spent part of Saturday at the Buckbean Brewing Company‘s Grand Opening. Sampled beer, bought beer, ate bbq snausages, ate lots of cheese, a chocolate cupcake (great with the Black Noddy), sampled more beer and watched a Roller Derby exhibition.

I’m not a beer and wine snob…I can’t tell you WHY I like what I like, I just do. And I REALLY LOVED the Black Noddy (they call it a traditional Bavarian Schwarzbier)…sort of a Guinness Light. A very, very, very tasty dark beer. I liked their Artown Vienna Lager, too. Not so much the Orange Blossom Ale, guess I’m not much in the fruity beers. It looked good though. You are suppose to be able to buy the beer in all Scolari’s and Ben’s, but we couldn’t find it either stores we looked at on Sunday.

The Battle Born Derby Demons were at the Buckbean Grand Opening ~ LOL! I’ve never seen a roller derby team before. What a blast. They have a “bout” on 28 June at the Rink on the River at 7pm…they skate against the Silicon Valley Rollergirls. It’s the same weekend as the BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival that is held in downtown Reno.

My David Austin English Rose ~ The Squire ~ is blooming! Very pretty roses, I love all the ruffles!

I can’t remember if I was on Perpetualplum's or Blazedanielle's blog and saw a link to Pinkpurl's blog…while there, I printed out one of her recipes. She has a great blog and etsy shop!

Her recipe ~ London Memories Salad.

My changes/additions!
I used 1-1/4 cup Bulgur wheat.
1 large cucumber
corn from two ears of BBQ’d corn
1 large red onion
1 can of Black Beans
1 tub of crumbled feta
1 can of sliced olives (small can)
Chopped Italian Parsley
1 can of artichoke heart bottoms (not marinated)
1 avocado
DRESSING ~ doubled hers and added two grated garlic cloves

I like black beans over kidney beans and I love bbq corn instead of frozen or canned. I take the ears of corn, peel back the husks, take off the silks and wash the corn. Put a bit of butter and sea salt on the ears then wrap back the husks, wrap in foil. We still have a charcoal bbq…while getting the coals hot I place the corn all around the pile of coals. When the coals are ready…put the grill on, place whatever meat I’m bbq’ing, and put the corn around the meat. All in all, it’s in & on the grill for 1 hour. I had four ears on Saturday…we ate two and I took the corn off the cob of the other two. It was VERY SWEET AND TASTY in the salad!!!!!

My picture isn’t as pretty as hers…but here’s what the salad looked like ~ just ate it with some good sourdough garlic bread (little bit of olive oil and fresh chopped garlic ~ broiled) last night.

3 thoughts on “Buckbean Beer, Roller Derby, Roses and Recipes

  1. Your post brings back memories of when the Roller Derby was on TV. So many years ago, I don’t even want to guess. Maybe 70’s or 80’s. Remember someone named Boom Boom. They were ready to rumble ladies. Hope you had fun. Sounds like you did. Beer and all. 😀

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