Veggies on the Vine & Life from a Park Bench

I’ve veggies growing! Still only one tomato about the size of a marble (but lots of blossoms) ~ found a squash last night (and lots of blossoms) ~ peas & peppers are blooming ~ corn is a’growing tall ~ had the first of the spinach and romaine last night for dinner with some radishes too. Now I must wait…impatiently I may add…for the rest to grow-up. LOL!

We have 2 doves that must have a nest in the back yard somewhere…they come down to the garden after I water it every evening. And I saw a young Scrub Jay back there too with some goobers.

After dinner, not wanting to watch the news, I went out front with my camera and plopped down on the bench to watch the world go by. It was Farmer’s Market night so there was a lot of traffic both foot and car-wise. But I was more interested in the young Robin following his mama around the yard. He was definitely having a “bad hair day”…too cute for words, so here he is ~

Copper kitty and quail way out front ~

The church steeple next door ~

A David Austin, The Squire, rose…

The Memorial Cairn I made for my obsidian rock (that I had for 22 years of my life) that some bloody arse stole from the yard.

Had my tootsies up…seems I’ve already developed my summer icky feet. 🙂 I hate wearing socks, so if I’m not going on a hike I wear Berks or go bare-footed.

Now…wasn’t that an exciting evening in Sparks?! LOL! Hope everyone has a great weekend…not really sure what we have planned other than yard sales.

One of our upcoming seminar speakers is “into” rockets and told me about launchings up at the Black Rock. It looks like AEROPAC has a launch this weekend. Really not sure if you have to pay to watch…I’d probably just take my binoculars with me, then head on over to Trego Hot Springs for the rest of the day.

June 19 Mudrock Setup Day – meeting at Bruno’s @ 1:00 before heading out to the launch site

June 20 Mudrock Research Launch – Black Rock Desert
Waiver 100,000ft MSL (96,500 ft AGL)
Note: During Research Launches spectators must stay clear of the launch pads and any area where people are prepping research rockets and or motors.
$30 per person attending

June 21, 22 Mudrock – Black Rock Desert
Waiver 100,000ft MSL (96,500 ft AGL)
Club Meeting after day launch closes
Saturday Night launch with 7,500ft MSL (4,000 ft AGL) waiver, J motors and under. All HPR rockets must carry visible strobes.
Please sign up for launch duty.
$30 per person to launch
$5 per day for everyone else

5 thoughts on “Veggies on the Vine & Life from a Park Bench

  1. Okay, so how did you get those rocks to stay on top of each other? Super glue? If I tried it, they’d fall off and hit my feet!

  2. You just stack and balance, and balance, and restack until you get it right. Sometimes it just comes together naturally, other times the rocks don’t like the way you stack them and let you know you need to try again. 🙂

  3. Yay for berks! Heehee!

    And hey! Guess what?!!? YOU won my contest! Yup! Come take a peek at my blog! 😉 Congrats my friend!!!

  4. I love your “exciting” night in Sparks! 😀 I think it’s great that you can find so much pleasure in simple things and that you take time to enjoy the moment. Your post made me smile, so thank you! 😀

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