The Simple Woman’s Summer Swap

Ooooooohhhhh….3 posts in one day. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love swaps, so here goes another one!

(If I did the html right…you should be able to click on the image above and it’ll take you right on over to Peggy’s blog!)

Who would like to be a part of a swap? By the poll I took awhile back and still up on my sidebar, several of you do. So welcome to the first swap held here, The Simple Woman Summer Swap. Alot of us have little time at this point in the season to really sew something or take much time creating, so what about we do this and we do it 4 times a year…make it a seasonal swap for fun? I thought it would be a good idea if we did something easy and just fun for those busy girls which are most of us!

So let’s send to our swap partner, a new something, a gently used something from home that you would like to share, and something from a thrift, goodwill or yard sale that is lovely and says, “SUMMER”. (IF you have time to create, sew, knit or any of the hand-crafted ways of making something, PLEASE do, but do not feel you have too.)
Remember the theme is “SUMMER” so keep that in mind when choosing your items (like no stuffed snowman for the summer swap…lol)…not spending more than $12.00 before shipping. (Do keep in mind how you package and how rough the postal system can be when wrapping and packaging.)

So here are the guidelines I will use when doing our 4 seasonal swaps held here at The Simple Woman’s blog.

1. I am going to be using the Mister Linky feature which means you MUST have an established AND active blog (at least 3 months old) I am sorry to those who do not have one, but I have run swaps before and want to keep this swap as honest and true as one can do online. You MUST have a place on your blog where your partner can come, visit you and contact you…this may work with leaving a comment on your blog as well as an email. It will be YOUR responsibility to contact YOUR partner.

2. You MUST spread the fun by sharing about this swap on your blog and then coming back here and posting your permalink (just like you do for your daybook entries each Monday) This way alot of ladies can join us!

I will gather your Mister Linky link numbers as well as your first names until Tuesday, June 24th allowing the word to get out, and then on Tuesday, July 1st I will post the list of swap partners here on my blog. (EXAMPLE..Peggy-#1 with Lucy-#12 and Lucy-#12- with Peggy-#1).
3. The deadline to have YOUR things to YOUR partner for the swap will be Tuesday, July 19th giving you ample time to get them to your partner (Remember you will be swapping with her and she with you.

4. Please make sure youโ€™re free and able to gather your 3 items BEFORE you commit because late swap gifts are NO fun. THIS IS A COMMITMENT!

5. And finally, please, please share on your blog that you received your items and if you can take a picture of your things in the same entry so we can all enjoy the bounty of summer gifts!!! On the deadline of July 19th, I will put up Mister Linky again for those who took part in the summer swap at the bottom of my own swap entry, allowing you after you have posted on your blog to share about what you received and the picture/s shared to let us all of us take part in seeing what summer fun we all received!

It is at this time and IF after you have followed through with signing up by Mister Linky by the deadline, sending your swap partner her things by the deadline and then posting and sharing a picture of your swap things you received by the deadline that you will be entered into a summer drawing of some really nice things. Yep, I have already started gathering the things I plan to send!! It will be to the gal whose number on the LAST mister linky list is drawn.

IF after reading this, you feel it is something you would LOVE to do, be willing to follow through with all 3 deadlines, then please take part. I think this will be FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, you are only committing to one swap at a time. I will post about the Autumn swap and we will begin again then…ok?

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