Smokey Sky, Garden Pictures, and an Early Birthday Gift!

Well…it’s summer time! The Truckee Meadows is being socked-in by all the smoke from the wildfires in northern California and the Pyramid Lake area. While I’m wheezing and coughing a bit…it makes for a lovely sunrise. These were taken this morning when I got to work around 5:45 am.

Peas are growing! Pulling pretty colored radishes. And that wee yellow squash doubled in size by the time I got home yesterday…it has a very pretty squash blossom on it now. Will take a picture of that tonight.

I bought a VERY CUTE button bracelet for my niece from a friend on Etsy. And in the box she also sent an early birthday present (mine isn’t until July)! It’s a bracelet I was teasing her about ~ “now that I’m all tanned from working out in the yard that bracelet you made sure would look pretty on me!” 🙂 Sure enough! It’s very pretty! It was wrapped up in a wooden box covered with Detroit Red Wings stickers! HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you Donna! You are a sweetie! I hope you sell lots in your etsy store!

4 thoughts on “Smokey Sky, Garden Pictures, and an Early Birthday Gift!

  1. Wow… perhaps smoke is good for vegetables because yours are going nuts! Love those radishes! But I hope the air clears and that you’re breathing easier again soon.

    Gorgeous weaving on that bracelet… so pretty. 🙂

  2. Awww… That looks so pretty on you!! Glad you like it. Happy Birthday!!

    Your veggie garden looks great!! I love fried green tomatoes.

  3. I had to take the bracelet off of my right hand and put it on the left to take the picture…sorta hard to hold the camera and take a picture with your left hand! LOL! I like it a lot!

  4. Wow! Look at those veggies go. Your garden magic must be working.
    Hear you on the smoke. I hope it goes aways so we can all breath.

    As always, your pictures are lovely.

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