It’s Wednesday and I’m Praying for some Southern Winds!

Sure wish we’d get some winds coming up from the south (I don’t think there are any fires to the south of us!)…this smoke that has settled into the Truckee Meadows is killing me.  Had to break out the Mucinex-D this morning. Photos below were taken this morning about 6am outside my work looking NE.

Last night while watering the flowers out front I spied a Flutterby on the lavender plants ~ lookie at his curly-thingy (very scientific name, I know)!

And a wee bee too…

Here is that yellow squash that I talked about yesterday…it went from 1-1/2″ one morning to 4″ in one day! There’s another one too…

I have more tomatoes setting on the plants…the whole time I was looking at the top of the Yellow Pear plant I didn’t even notice the six tomatoes that started below! The Giant Belgium Pink has lots more setting and the Japanese & Russian Blacks too.

I’ve packed away my jeans and brought out the crop pants, but decided I needed a couple of dresses. Went to Savers and found two…only they were too long and too big, so off I went to my mom’s for her to pin me. Took up the sides of the brown dress and had to hem it 6″ (I’m only 5’4″) as the dress went to the floor on me! The blue floral one doesn’t need to be taken in too much, but you can see in the one picture how much I have to hem it. 🙂 Big sigh. But for $8 per dress, I figured I could do the alterations! You can’t buy the fabric for that price! I love the brown one, it really looks great with Donna’s beaded button bracelet she made.

9 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday and I’m Praying for some Southern Winds!

  1. Ooh! Icky smoke… I’m sorry! That’s not fun at all!

    But what a pretty flutterby! And I love it’s curly-thingy! 😉 So fun! Perhaps he’ll want to land on your new pretty dresses! 🙂

  2. I hear you on the smoke. Usualy we have a great view of the mountians from our place. This morning couldn’t even see the end of the street!

  3. Great shots!

    Hope the fires get under control and the smoke goes away for you. I know it’s no fun trying to breathe in that stuff.

  4. I’m from the northern end of Reno myself, but I’m spending my summer out of state.
    I’d heard about the smoke, but I hadn’t actually thought it was so bad.

  5. So….did it hurt when your mom pinned you?! :p 😉

    I like the dresses you chose. I’m only 5’3″ so I know what you mean about everything being too long, which is I usually shop in the petite section–the length of garments is usually just about right.

  6. HehHehHeh…Very funny, Belinda! :-p Heck, I’ve even had petite crop pants look just like high-waters on me instead of cropped pants! LOL

    Yep, Rhi…it’s bad here! I thought the winds were going to get rid of all the smoke last night, but nope. It’s settled back in for the morning.

    Good Day, Nurse Betty, Sharon, Dutchess & Blaze! 🙂

  7. Hi Sleepycat. I am totally stuck on getting my photos in the post. I uploaded to Flickr, used the widget, and tried to follow the directions for linking to pictures but I’m still not getting it. I’d love it if you could help me figure it out.

    The photos did show up in the side bar tho.

    You rock!:)

  8. Those dresses look really cool and comfortable. That bracelet goes great with the brown one. Send me some of your hot weather. I still have blankets and comforters on the bed.

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