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Sunflowers ~ Pictures, Beaded, & Poems

Photographs of the sunflowers were taken by me in my front yard, I beaded the two sunflowers in the middle of the post and the poems I found online. The Sunflower Fairy Fields of yellow faces following the sun Impossible … Continue reading

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Jamming in the Kitchen!

I got up early Saturday morning and decided I wanted to make jam. I make my Christmas presents every year and decided I’d like to add jam into the baskets this year. The two Farmers Markets in Sparks are on … Continue reading

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A Weekend in the Juniper War Zone

I’m very, very, very tired today. And my arms and legs look like I was in the middle of a cat fight…and lost. My hands are swollen and hurt…carpal tunnel will be hurting them for a few weeks. 😦 It’s … Continue reading

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28 July 2008 ~ Just For Today ~ Simple Woman Day Journal

FOR TODAY … 28 July 2008 Outside My Window…A smoke filled morning sky. A train going by. I am thinking…Not much of anything…my brain is mushed from not enough sleep and too much time in the Juniper War Zone. I … Continue reading

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Waging War Against the Junipers Continues….

We have once again declared war against the junipers in our yard! This war will be a triology…not sure when we will get to the last part. This time it’s on the NE corner of our lot…there are at least … Continue reading

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23 July 2008: Garden Update ~ Hemp Necklace ~ Flowers

Was surprised to see so many peppers when I was watering last night. They grew so big in a couple of days! Must be the heat. So…does anyone know when peppers are ripe? Do I have to wait until they … Continue reading

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Beading and Wire-Wrapping Sea Glass

Took yesterday off of work for my birthday…spent a leisure day of beading, wire wrapping, lunch and a movie. First off…if you haven’t already seen it, you gotta go see the 3-D version of Journey to the Center of the … Continue reading

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