2 July 2008 ~ Wednesday’s Ramblings

Good Day!

It’s still pretty smoky outside..I’m thinking there must have been some fire smoldering from a lightning strike that has fanned up when the winds picked up last yesterday. But then it doesn’t help with 1400+ wildfires nextdoor in California. Haven’t been able to get my walks in (yesterday looked pretty clear so I attacked the hill behind the campus gym on the 4th up/down I was sucking in very smoky air) …have had headaches, wheezing and itchy eyes for too long now. Grrr. And it’s only July! Hot Temps and Fires…yee-haw.

Received my Simple Woman Summer Exchange partner ~ Becky of Small Town Heart. Becky and her husband are moving into their new home they’ve just bought ~ and she blogged about SIMPLIFYING so I had to put the thinking cap on…no silly summer knicknacks…turned out not so hard! I’ve already decided what to make for her…started going through my craft-room and gathering my supplies…hope you like what I will be sending Becky! 🙂

Am excited…we will be going up to Tahoe Timber Trails for the 4th. My husband’s parents and sister have lots up there (5th wheel trailers) ~ property near Truckee, CA. I love hanging out for the day just talking, playing cards, eating, walking around. My MIL said to just bring chips and dip…I think I’ll make up some pico de gallo and some spinach dip. Will make it back in time for the fireworks in Sparks ~ Star Spangled Sparks (which by the way folks, IS MUCH BETTER THAN RENO’S FIREWORKS!). They shoot them off at the Nugget and when we crawl out of the upstairs bathroom window and sit on the roof, we pratically have front row seats! ***Reno used to shoot the fireworks off at Rancho San Rafael…but then moved them downtown. Obviously they were for the tourists only…as you HAD to be downtown to see them. We were up at UNR a couple of years ago to watch them, but hardly saw a thing as they shot them off low in between the casinos. Had a beautiful view of Sparks, which are shot off the TOP of the Nugget. *** Ok, I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

Just some of my happy Sunflower pictures for you, these are from past years ~

1 thought on “2 July 2008 ~ Wednesday’s Ramblings

  1. I’m excited for the 4th too!! 🙂 And those sunflowers are so great! I love how big they are!! 🙂

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