For Today…7 JULY 2008 ~ Simple Woman’s Day Journal

FOR TODAY … 7 July 2008

Outside My Window…Finches singing up a storm.

I am thinking…It’s hot…I’m not looking forward to 100+F weather. Is it Friday yet? That’s when we’re going to Monterey. I still haven’t made jam yet…wonder how long the berries will be in season? Will it wait until I get back next week? Dang it…why is my right eye twitching?! Sheesh.

I am thankful for… A/C here at work.

From the kitchen…Will be having chicken soft tacos tonight for dinner.

I am wearing… Sage green linen tank with tan crop pants and berks…forgot my rings and bracelet AGAIN ~ good grief!

I am creating… my Simple Woman’s Summer Exchange gift! 🙂

I am going… to go to lunch with my mom and sister at Black Rock Pizza.

I am reading… The Witch Trade…a children’s book by Michael Molloy.

I am hoping… that the smoke from Big Sur will not be up in Monterey when we go this coming weekend. I pray that the firefighters will have the upperhand on it.

I am hearing… units on the roof of the building, My coworker getting mad at the color printer.

Around the house… there are used kleenex on the floor by the couch after watching PS I Love You and August Rush.

One of my favorite things… is the ocean. Listening to the waves. Walking on the beach. Talking to the birds. Looking for treasures.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Finish putting in the drip system out front.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…Sunflower with some bees on it out front of my house!


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