First Garden Harvest ~ and More!

I harvested my first squash and pulled up the peas last night…

It has been really hot these past few weeks here in Northern Nevada and my pea plants were turning brown fast. So I yanked them up and picked all the pea pods off. I was able to harvest about 7 cups of peas. Note to self: Plant more pea plants and EARLIER in the season. I’ve redirected the pumpkin vines to head towards where the peas used to be. Now there is more room for them to wander off to.

The squash was sauteed with onions last night for dinner along with bbq’d chicken. Yum. My husband pretty much polished off all the radishes I pulled. Good thing there are lots more where those came from. LOL!

CORN! I have lots of corn growing…

Finally have cucumbers and lots of peppers too:

I finished up the drip system on the one side of the front yard the other night. Started in on the other side but when I cut into the existing line (we did not put the system in and I wanted to extend it to the new plants) I found out that the water was coming from a different direction than what I thought. Heh. So I had to cap it off for the night. Went to Home Depot as it was closest here to work…but they had NO 5/8″ T’s!!! Good grief. Stopped off at Lowes on the way home and they had what I needed. Tonight I will finish off the other side of the front yard’s drip system.

Worked on my Simple Woman Summer Swap present up until midnight…only one more hour to go and I’ll be wrapping it up and sending it to Texas. My swap partner is Becky of Small Town Heart, and it was a lot of fun making her present. Can’t wait to send it off! I hope she likes it. Can’t post pictures here yet…so I’ve been sending them to friends to look at. ACK!

I’m already packing for my 3-day trip to Monterey! I can’t wait! I haven’t been to the ocean since Thanksgiving weekend. And it was cool then. Supposedly the hotel is right on the beach. Hee! Will have to call mom and ask her the name again…I forgot.

Just wanted to say that my friend, Sue, could use prayers for her daughter. She is going through some extremely tough problems and needs some good thoughts, hugs and prayers. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “First Garden Harvest ~ and More!

  1. You totally impress me with you mad gardening skills!! 🙂 If only I could invite myself over for dinner. 😉 YUM!

  2. wow what an awesome harvest! I can’t wait until spring comes here then I can get started on my vege patch, praying for your friend here too…

  3. I don’t have any earwigs but have heard a couple of methods to get rid of them.

    Take a small water bottel and cut the top 1/3 off. Put soft cat food or tuna in the bottom, invert the top section and put it on. So it has a broad funel going in but hard for them to get out.

    Tuna cans burried with the edge of the can flush with the soil. Put a bit of beer or tuna oil or cat food in the bottom. In the morning dump the traped one in soapy water.

    Beutiful harvest!

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