Monterey, Here We Come!

Tomorrow morning we are heading out of Nevada to Monterey and I can’t wait!

We’ll be staying at Best Western’s Beach Resort Monterey…the only hotel right on the beach! I’m beside myself with excitement.

My only worry is that my husband will kill off my garden in the three days that I’ll be gone. 😦 Big sigh. I’m very happy that I finished the drip system out front…even though it aggravated my carpal tunnel in the the right hand and I gouged three fingers on the left with a pair of long nose pliers. Grrr. On top of that, I took a header in the garden and hit the right side of my head.

And…you know how some places have pretty fog…well, we don’t have that pretty fog, we have brown, icky, smelly smoke that has blanketed the valley like fog…and in another STAGE 1 ALERT. And I’m having troubles breathing, my eyes hurt and I’m very tired of California blowing their wildfire smoke into Nevada. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of our own smoke soon…please keep yours! Patooey.

6 thoughts on “Monterey, Here We Come!

  1. Wow! Looks great, have fun! How long are you going to be gone? Thank you for the comments on my blog about my husband’s current job situation. I hope he finds something soon! All the prayers are very much appreciated. I can’t wait to receive your swap package – I know it will be wonderful!! I am putting yours all in the box this weekend and shipping out first thing Monday!

  2. 🙂 sounds like the beach is just in time! Have a blast.
    Becky, I hope your husband finds something soon. It’s tough right now but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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