Birds, Blue Sky and Bum Neighbors

We’ve been waking up to a Northern Mockingbird since Friday. I remember having one last year…it’s back. It’s perched up in the tree across the street. I’ve been sleeping downstairs in the back room where it’s a lot cooler and I can hear that bugger over the ceiling fan. ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily I love listening to him…or her. Here are some pics that I pulled off the internet ~

We had a flash flood thunder storm pass over yesterday afternoon ~ and woke up to THIS!!!!! BLUE SKY! THE FIRST IN OVER A MONTH! Wow…I remember that sky. The sky we normally have. The sky we would have if California would stop burning to the ground. Take a good look because it will probably be gone right soon.

Remember this lovely sunflower that I posted about not too long ago? The one right up front? The sunflower that I said I had better get a picture of because it was near where someone STOLE my obsidian rock? Well…Friday morning while out front waiting for my sister to pick me up for Monterey…I noticed the yellow was gone from that corner. Some jackarse stole my sunflower! Broke it right off the top…all that is left is the stock which is fence high. I’m leaving it there for everyone who passes by to look at. I’m starting to think about ways of electrifying the fence. Or set up motion activated pepper spray misters around the yard. Why can’t people just take a picture of something they think is pretty, like I do??!! Why do they insist on taking other peoples property? I don’t go stealing things out of your yards? Why can’t I expect the same consideration from you?!

My Simple Woman Summer Swap partner, Becky, received her gift in the mail…will wait for her to post a picture first and then I’ll post pictures of the making of it later. I had fun with it, can’t wait to see what I get! ๐Ÿ™‚

Parting shots of my niece and nephew at Monterey over the weekend…

4 thoughts on “Birds, Blue Sky and Bum Neighbors

  1. That’s a bummer, both your rock and your flower. I’ve had our letterbox smashed TWICE now by idiots who don’t know anything about keeping their hands off other people’s property. It is maddening, and something to deter them in future would not go amiss. MULTI-MEGA-volts? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. That sucks sleepy cat! It just blows my mind what people think is ok to do. I’m all for automated paint ball turrets:)

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