Simple Woman Summer Swap

When I got home yesterday afternoon from work I found a package from my Simple Woman Summer swap partner, Becky, on the front sunroom table. Inside was:

More Celtic Quilting book (I have the first one, so this is great)

A canning jar filled with sand and sea shells (I should add a couple of pieces of sea glass I found at Monterey)

An enamelled tin that was painted with cherries on it.

Thank you so much, Becky! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Simple Woman Summer Swap

  1. Michelle,
    I am glad to see that you received it okay. I apologize for it not being much. Since it was my first one I was not sure what all to do. Thank you again for my wonderful gift – you did do amazing! I truly love it….you are very talented. Thank you for being my Summer Swap Partner.

  2. Don’t apoligize! I only sent what the rules said. After seeing all the lovelies everyone sent and received, I feel a little bad about my gift to my swap partner.

  3. Just replying to the other comments…I think we all love what we send out and then when we see what others sent we have “sender’s remorse” sort of like at a shower when you think your gift isn’t good enough. I’ve been through all the swaps now and I think everyone got great stuff and everyone put a lot of thought into their packages.

  4. I agree. I sent something a little more as when I found out my partner was moving into a new home and will decorate Americana…and wanted to learn to quilt, I had do make the wall hanging. 🙂

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