Americana Wall Hanging Quilt

I was in the first Simple Woman Summer Swap and found out my partner would be decorating in Americana for a few rooms when she moves into her new home. So I decided to make her a wall hanging quilt. After looking through a few of my quilting books I settled on adapting a pattern from three that I saw.

I’m a little intimidated of piecing stars…not the Ohio Star nor the Friendship Stars, those I have can make with no problems whatsoever…but the other ones like LeMoyne Star!

But after being introduced to this book ~ STARS BY MAGIC ~ Nancy Johnson-Srebro ~ New Super-Easy Technique! Diamond-Free Stars from Squares and Rectangles! Perfect Points and No Y-Seams! ~ I’m not scared anymore! 🙂

I used Thimbleberries and Moda fabrics for the quilt. I tried my hand at free motion machine quilting on my Janome…I need lots of practice still. I liked doing the stars…but I’m not that great at curly-curves! I did it by hand…not with a contraption that you add onto your machine, which may make it a lot easier. Who knows. I still need help with my binding…one of these days I’ll get that down pat too.

7 thoughts on “Americana Wall Hanging Quilt

  1. I love that wall hanging! You did a very nice job on it. 😀 Although I’ve beem making children’s garments lately, I think I might be in the mood to make another quilt top soon. Because winters are so cold here, I like to have a quilt to hold in my lap and hand quilt during that season. I’m not very good at hand quilting, but I have fun doing it.

    That star design looked complicated, but seeing the pictures, it looks like it might be easy enough for beginning quilters, too.

    Nice job! 😀

  2. Wow…that is juuuuust what I’ve been looking for! My son just returned home after a 15 month deployment to Iraq and wants me to make an Americana wall hanging for a buddy who is getting married in September. I should be able to get it done by then. Thanks!

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