Waging War Against the Junipers Continues….

We have once again declared war against the junipers in our yard! This war will be a triology…not sure when we will get to the last part.

This time it’s on the NE corner of our lot…there are at least three junipers with pretty big trunks. Me thinks they’ve been there for over 30 years.

Here is a before picture after I trimmed them down somewhat in the spring.

And here is what we’ve done with one saw, one hedge trimmer, and my pruners. They’ve been there so long they are growing in and out of the fence. It’s slow going. Going to have to take a few trips to the dump again…we’ve piles on two sections of our fence. Ultimately I’d like to have a drive pad in that corner as we have no off-street parking. I will be planting a fruitless Mulberry near there…more towards the irises. I love those trees…fast growing and a great climbing & shade tree, not that I’ll be doing much climbing in it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Waging War Against the Junipers Continues….

  1. I’m allergic to juniper so you keep right on warring against them. 😉

    Your yard looks a lot like my back yard because someone placed some rocks along the border of the yard at some point along the way. Your yard looks neater and cleaner than ours though. I don’t like our back yard at all–full of too much stuff growing. Since I don’t do yard work, why don’t you come on over here and I’ll let you work in my back yard to clear it out?! 😉

  2. Me First! Me first! Me first….if you need a break from that heavy duty yard work come over and take it easy taking out those blasted day lilies and we can sit in the swing and drink ice tea…

    Love Mom

  3. I hate yard work too. Hubby has been working on ours. Weeds are a never ending battle in Florida, even if all you have is sand and no grass.

    Keep on fighting those junipers. I’m sure it will look much better when you get it done.

  4. OMGosh Belinda! You should see my arms and legs…I look like I was in a cat fight and lost. LOL! I HATE JUNIPERS!

    And Mom…I’ll just have that iced tea and swing. I have my own daylilies to yank from this sweet earth…I would doubt if there are a bunch of them growing in the Lockwood dump already from an earlier war against them.

    You all grow big bugs down there in Florida too…would hate to see your weeds.

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