Chili Peppers ~ I’ve Met My Match in the Cayenne

Scoville Chili Pepper Heat Chart

Well…after working out in the yard last night I decided to pick some of the Sweet Italian Peppers and roast them ~ freeze them so I can make up some sauces at a later date. (The sprinklers came on, otherwise I never would have left the yard to play with the peppers)

Sweet Italian Peppers ~ Green here…but picked them when they were Red and Yellowish.

I roasted six (6) of them ~ nice big plump peppers. The house still smelled yummy this morning.

Then I cut up a nice bright red one of these ~ Cayenne Peppers.

My plan is to make some salsa this weekend so I just chopped that beautiful red pepper up and stuck it in the freezer with the rest of the peppers. I scraped the seeds so I can dry them and plant them next spring.

I’ve never had a problem with cutting peppers and hurting myself afterwards…Jalapenos, New Mexican, Serranos…never once have I cut them up and burn my nose and mouth. Holy Toledo! The tip of my nose is still warm! It’s a good thing I don’t pick my nose! I’d have cauterized the insides for sure! My lips are still a bit tingly. LOL! Big Sigh.

Needless to say ~ I’ve gone up to one of the labs here at work and asked for some gloves. Because I have more Cayenne peppers and these wee beauties, Miniature Caribbean Red Habaneros ~ which rank on the Scoville Scale near OUCH ~ WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!

Autumn Felted Wool Wall Hanging ~ Pumpkins, Saltbox House & Cat

Been working on a remake of a wall hanging I made over 5 years ago for someone who contacted me through my webshot album.   I had seen an outside flag with a design sorta like what I made from a catalog many years ago ~

Here is what my original piece looked like.

And the following are pictures of the new one being put together. I’ve been using hand-dyed wool that I’ve bought off of etsy and ebay over the years. I use the blanket/buttonhole stitch, satin stitch and running stitch.

Me working while watching DA BILLS beat the Colts. 🙂 FOOTBALL! I love football. Especially my Buffalo Bills.

I should have it finished this weekend. All I need to do is add the falling fall leaves and some more swirls then attach it to the backing wool.

Best of the West Rib Cook-Off ~ Victorian Square ~ Sparks, NV ~ August 27-September 1, 2008

Good Gosh! It’s RIB WEEK! I have to remember to put out the orange cones in front of the house so I have parking when I get home from work. My neighborhood smells SO GOOD when those smokers start up.

Just googled and here is the website ~ Best of the West Rib Cook-Off…All food booths will be open from 11:00am–9:00pm, Wednesday–Sunday and from 11:00am–5:00pm on Monday.

Just a note ~ I used a picture from below, and while I linked to their sight, I didn’t ask for permission…so I took the picture and link down. Sorry.
(picture taken from NewToReno)

This year is the 20th year of the cook-off and they will be having RUNNING OF THE PIGS on Friday!

In honor of our 20th year, get ready for the biggest road spectacle this side of Pamplona. See 20 pigs run down a specially designed race course on Victorian Avenue on Friday, August 29, at 11:00am!

Each pig will be sponsored by a local radio station. The winning pig’s sponsor will then make a donation to their selected charity. Come out and support your favorite pigs!

Lots of great entertainment ~ we’ll be walking down to listen to Mumbo Gumbo on Saturday and Night Ranger on Sunday.

They’ll be having a Photograph Contest this year ~ Here is a link to the rules.

Take your best shot! A photo contest is open to anyone over age 21 during this year’s Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off. Take a digital photo of what you think best represents the annual Rib Cook-off experience. We’ll pick the best and reward that person with a one-night stay, dinner for two and show for two!

How does it work?

Enter your best digital photo from the Rib Cook-off
We select the finalists
You score the finalists
Highest average score wins

Submit your photo by September 5th at 5pm, then vote for your favorites photos on starting September 8th. The photo contest ends September 15th and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Please read the complete rules below before submitting your photo.

New Recipes for Dinner ~ Pork Chops with Orange Rice

I was looking at some of the the Simple Woman Day Journals yesterday when I saw Nancy at Home Made Blessings mention pork chops with orange rice for dinner. I’ve never heard of orange rice before and I had pork chops defrosting in the frig, so I googled orange rice. Well, her recipe ended up different than the one I found. Will have to try hers too (you can find Nancy’s on the 25 August 08 Day Journal).

I modified a recipe I found ~

I sauteed two stocks of celery (with leaves) and 1/3 of a red onion (thats all I had, probably would have used a yellow onion if I had one) in 1 TBSP of butter. Added about a TBSP of fresh thyme out of my garden, the zest of one large orange, 1-1/2 cups of water, 1 cup of orange juice. Bring to boil, add 1 cup of brown rice (you can use white…but I like brown). I browned the two pork chops (just two of us) with salt & pepper and then added them to the pot and cooked until the rice was ready ~ that was about 40 minutes. The rice was GREAT! Very tasty…really good on a summer’s evening.

Made a salad up with just romaine lettuce and a cucumber from the garden…I had bought Newman's Own Light Lime Vinaigrette a while back…my husband had some but I never tried it until last night. HOLY COW! That’s really good stuff! They always say 2 TBSP is a serving…never could figure out why…that’s a lot of dressing. I only use enough to give it flavor, which is less than 1 TBSP. If you’ve never tried it, please do! It’s excellent! LOVE the Lime zestiness of it! Making my mouth water just writing about it.

Evening at the Nevada State Fair

We went to the Nevada State Fair on Friday night…really, really, really liked the free parking. That was the best idea they came up with!

Not many piggies in the barns ~ lots of sheep, bunnies, chickens, ducks and cows. Had oodles of scaley critters. Great looking quilts. Lots of loud tractors and trucks and the pull.

Take a look at these sweet faces! 🙂

Some of the Quilts!

Pictures of the Tractor Pull ~

25 August 2008 ~ Simple Woman Day Journal ~ For Today

FOR TODAY … 25 August 2008

Outside My Window…Hold on…let me go take a peeksee! From the north window I see the generator guys working on the emergency backup generator…the one that they never can fix. Oy! And from the east window…bright sun reflecting a low laying layer of haze on the valley floor. My office sits up the hill so you can see down into the valley. Don’t see any students yet ~ first day of school here at UNR.

I am thinking…Gotta spray for spiders when I get home tonight. We seem to have a lot of spiders this year. I don’t like them very much…too many legs and they bite.

I am thankful for… the great harvest that my wee backyard garden is giving me.

From the kitchen… Not sure what we’ll be having for dinner tonight. I took out porkchops though. Last night I used up a monster Mexican gray squash…I did not know that it was growing amongst the pumpkins! It was a good 12 inches long! So I cut it in half, scooped the seeds out and stuffed it with brown rice, mushrooms, garlic, onion, sweet Italian pepper, roasted pumpkin seeds and leftover bbq’d chicken breast that I cut up into little pieces. Then grated some cheese over the top and stuck it in the oven. It was quite tasty.

I am wearing… Brown Irish linen tank, tan crop pants and berks.

I am creating… An autumn felted wool wall hanging.

I am going… …not sure what I’m going…LOL!

I am reading… I finished two Dear America books ~ the Oregon Trail and the Titanic ones. Now I pulled out an American Girl book…1902 Samantha.

I am hoping… that my husband can find a job real quick as he is out of work again (please pray!)…I’m tired of the temporary jobs…as I’m sure he is too. We need a full-time permanent job for him! (He’s still working temp jobs…but at least he has one for the full week this week!)

I am hearing… The hubbub of the first day of classes.

Around the house… the furniture got moved around again. My husband has a slight case of OCD when it comes to rearranging furniture. I just go with the flow. As long as I have a place to sit down, I’m fine with the layout.

One of my favorite things… Is seeing the Canada Geese fly in from the north…FALL IS COMING! Fall Is CoMiNg! Happy Dancing!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… I’m going to make Mango Pepper jam; more pickles; Finish the wool wall hanging; get ready for the Rib Cookoff.

Here is picture thought I’d share with you… 3 Pints of Cucumbers waiting for the hot liquid ~


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Nevada State Fair ~ August 2008

We’ll be heading to the fair tonight ~ my husband wants to go to the Tractor Pull tonight.

Just was on their site and was really pleased to see that they have dropped the $5 fee for parking! Holy Cow! We can actually park in the parking lot this time instead of hiking in! Very cool!

It’s not the best website ~ but here you go…for what it’s worth ~ Nevada State Fair.

I was in 4-H and still love to go see the kids and their critters. Today’s action is:

Friday, 22 August

4:00 p.m. Small Animal &Horse Quiz Bowl – Livestock Pavilion
4:00 p.m. Dairy Goat Breeding Show followed by Dairy Goat Showmanship – Livestock Show Ring
5:30 p.m. My Favorite Apple Pie Daily Contest Stage –Creative Living Exhibit Hall
6:30 p.m. Jr. Livestock Costume Contest – Livestock Show Ring
6:00 p.m. 4-H/FFA Cavy Showmanship – Livestock Pavilion
6:00 p.m. Market Rabbit Pen Judging followed by 4-H Rabbit Showmanship -Livestock Pavilion
6:00 p.m. Poultry Meat Pen Judging Livestock Pavilion
7:30 p.m. Old Timers Showmanship Livestock Show Ring