18 August 2008 ~ For Today ~ Simple Woman’s Day Journal

FOR TODAY … 18 August 2008

Outside My Window…I’m not really sure what is going on outside my work window…am too tired to get up and look outside. Whatever is happening, I bet it’s hot and people are sweating already, even it’s only 8:40 am.

I am thinking…I gotta water the plants! They’re drooping! I must have forgotten on Friday before I left for home!

I am thankful for… my job, as so many are out of work and looking.

From the kitchen… Chicken marinating in the frig waiting to be BBQ’d when I get home, green beans out of the garden, and leftover “Crash Hot Potatoes” (only I used thyme, garlic, green onions, salt & pepper, parsley & feta).

I am wearing… My brown/cream striped sundress with berks.

I am creating… An autumn felted wool wall hanging and cutting out two lap quilts.

I am going… to meet up with my dad on Wednesday! He’s coming up from Las Vegas for a visit. YEAH!

I am reading… another of the Dear America series ~ this on is on the Oregon Trail. Very cool reading! I picked up 3 more from that series at our local Goodwill store for .99 each.

I am hoping… that my husband can find a job real quick as he is out of work again (please pray!)…I’m tired of the temporary jobs…as I’m sure he is too. We need a full-time permanent job for him!

I am hearing… One of our faculty moving into a cubby in the main office, he’s retired but still around and was moved from his lab to make room for a postdoc turned research faculty.

Around the house… I’m going for the outside around the house… 🙂 …spiders! ACK! We sprayed for spiders yesterday…lots of black widows for some reason. We pulled up red pavers near the back fence to put up where we have our bench, chair and side table out front under the Cedar tree. It was starting to look like a Country and Western bar with all the peanut shells in the bark mulch. Those scrub jays are funny beings ~ love them to death, but they have no manners with the left over peanut shells! Now we can just sweep them up….and the place where they pavers came from would make a nice corn garden next spring!

One of my favorite things… Talking to the scrub jays in my yard. This new “crop” of jays are very used to us out there feeding and talking to them ~ we’ve known them since they were just pups! LOL! They are growing up nicely ~ the gray funky feathers are starting to turn blue on top of their heads now.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… I have one more batch of soap to make before hanging up my hat on that hobby…will have plenty to sell when Christmas comes around. Work on the wool wall hanging. Make Pepper Jam with the peppers out of the garden. Maybe make and can some salsa too. Visit with dad on Wednesday.

Here is picture thought I’d share with you… One of our Scrub Jays ~


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6 thoughts on “18 August 2008 ~ For Today ~ Simple Woman’s Day Journal

  1. Blessings today! Hope your husband gets something permanent soon. We went through this last year, and now two family members are without jobs and doing the temp thing. Yuck! Saying a prayer for everyone in this kind of need right now!

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your honey. What kind of work is he looking for? I’ll keep my eyes open and e-mail you if I see anything.

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