Garden Harvest, Canning, Landscaping & Photography

Just a hodge-podge for today…it’s been a rough week already here at work and I just want to post lots of pictures.

Over the weekend I picked the rest of the green beans from the garden and yanked out the black bean plants. We ate the green beans and I shelled the black beans, blanched and froze ’em for future soups and dinners. Pulled 2 rows of carrots, chopped and blanched and bagged for the freezer. The rest is for eating raw. Did the same for a large amount of squash (Yellow Crook-Necks, Mexican Greys, and Black Zucs). Me thinks I need a small freezer for out back to store all my veggies as my freezer in the kitchen is might full now.

We were rolling the idea around about either using concrete or pavers in the area immediately out front where we have our bench and table under the cedar tree…we can’t afford concrete at the moment and we had pavers in another area of the yard. So, we took up the pavers and the area they used to be in will be planted with corn next spring!

Here is the front during and after ~ before it was redwood bark mulch…full of GOOBER shells dropped by the Scrub Jays. Looked like a western bar floor. It’s a little lumpy in some spots, but it’s nicer than before. 🙂 And my husband wanted me to construct one of my “rock monsters”…”you mean a cairn?” “Ya…just what I said, a rock monster”. LOL!

Playing with the camera again (someone asked earlier what type of camera I have ~ it’s a Canon 2S-IS ~ and no, I don’t use Photoshop, mainly because I haven’t learned yet!) ~ here are some shots of the corn, poppies, pumpkins, and other flowers in the yard.

One of my favorite snacks ~ buy raw pumpkin seeds, spray a tin with olive oil and then spray the seeds, sprinkle some kosher salt on them then stick ’em under the broiler. Yummy.

Leo-Monster…our Bengal-Tabby.

Scrub Jay with his goober ~

Dinner last night ~ BBQ’d Chicken, last of the green beans from the garden, and leftover Crash Hot Potatoes!

6 thoughts on “Garden Harvest, Canning, Landscaping & Photography

  1. Looks good, except for those raw green beans. Throw them back in for another 30 minutes. 😀

    You are getting your yard like you want it. Great before and after pics.

  2. Leo! What a terror LOL!

    So, um, how do you make the Rock Monsters? Find stones that are cairn-worthy? It looks really nice! What a cozy corner in the shade.

  3. I HATE mooshy green beans! ACK! Steamed with a crunh! Yummy!

    You’re more than welcome to come over for dinner any time, Kiwi!

    We have no shortage of cairn-worthy rocks in our yard…ya don’t have to dig very deep to find willing rock monsters.

  4. I’m with you on the green beans. Down with smushy veggies! Your yard is lovly.

    Also, if you’re interested in PhotoShop you may want to check out the Gimp. It’s an open source freeware photo program like PhotoShop. From what I’ve heard it’s just as good.

  5. I’ve heard that Gimp is good, too. I think I have even played with it once.

    Yuk to soft mushy veggies. That’s just for those without choppers… like little babies, or wrinklies who can’t remember where they last put them.
    ** running away from Donna! **

    OK, hang on, I’m on my way over… 🙂

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