Ghost Pumpkins of Sleepy Cat Hollow & Other Stuffus

I planted a lot of pumpkin seeds in the early spring ~ of all the plants growing in the back, only one was producing any pumpkins so I pulled half of them. Well…it seems that I have a few Ghost Pumpkins growing now! Hopefully they will step-up the growing process a wee bit faster so they’ll be ready by Halloween!

Here are the big’uns out front ~

I cleaned out the garden over the weekend…Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful, very cool and sunny. (Monday was even more GLORIOUS, but I’ll post about yesterday, tomorrow. 🙂 ) I’m down to 3 squash plants, a couple of cucumber plants, many peppers and 2 rows of green onions.

Check out this Poblano pepper ~ looks like someone punched him in the nose.

Here’s a Key Lime plant that I found next door. The old guy moved to his son’s house and left a lot of stuff behind. I ran off with the plant. There are 5 key limes on there…originally I found only 4, but I must have missed one. Not sure if you can make a pie out of 5 key limes!

Cut down all of the sunflowers and placed them around the yard for the birdies…

Sunday nights dinner ~ ribs from Desperado's BBQ at the Best of the West Rib Cook-Off…very tasty. Got the 1/2 slab with beans, slaw, and cornbread. I sampled all 3 of their sauces…ummm…I think one was just plain ole PEPPER SAUCE! Felt like I rubbed an open cayenne pepper all over my face.

1 thought on “Ghost Pumpkins of Sleepy Cat Hollow & Other Stuffus

  1. What a pretty key lime plant!

    My recipe calls for 1/3 c. of fresh key lime juice, so you might have to supplement a bit with some regular lime juice. Actually, a combination of lemon and lime might better match the key lime flavor.

    Those pumpkins are gorgeous!

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