For Today ~ 8 September 2008 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 08 September 2008

Outside My Window…Cool Morning that has a bright sun up in the sky…looks to be another warm day. Last Monday was just a big tease of what is to come!

I am thinking…of last Monday’s 62F weather and how it’s supposed to be 90F today.

I am thankful for… My job, my friends, and the roof over my head.

From the kitchen… dishes to be washed from the veggie beef soup I made, which will also be leftovers for tonight’s dinner…the soup, not the dishes! 🙂

I am wearing… Purple t-shirt, tan crop pants and berks.

I am creating… a silver wire wrap of a sharks tooth I found at Monterey for my sister. Then I’ll have to weave a hemp necklace for it. Just trying to figure out if I should use a flat knot or spiral.

I am going… …to email the lady that I made the autumn wool wall haning to tell here it’s all finished.

I am reading… Nothing at the moment…seems I fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow.

I am hoping… STILL: that my husband can find a job real quick as he is out of work again (please pray!)…I’m tired of the temporary jobs…as I’m sure he is too. We need a full-time permanent job for him! (I think this is the last week of this job ~ he needs another one lined up!)

I am hearing… The hum of the chillers and next door office folks.

Around the house… We put up copper twirly thingies on the corners of the house…found a few of them at a yard sale over the weekend for .50 each.

One of my favorite things… is a happy bird.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Ummmmm…last week’s plan is still on the list to do! OY! ~ Clean the floors and floor boards, then spray for spiders. I’ve been bitten again and this time I have a large red welt where the poison is, bloody wee arses!

Here is picture thought I’d share with you…This is the finished Autumn Wool.


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6 thoughts on “For Today ~ 8 September 2008 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Ooh! I love your image with the kitty and the pumpkins! If that doesn’t get me in the mood for apple cider, I don’t know what does! 🙂

  2. Love copper twirlys. Are they the ones with the climbing marbel? Rib cook off had a bunch but not as good a price as yours:)

    Sheals (the sports store) is hiring. They’re going to need a full staff.

  3. the autumn wool hanging is beautiful 🙂 I would love to find some copper twirlys. I have quite a few wind chimes hanging from the fig tree in the backyard.

  4. The wallhanging is adorable. Your bird pictures are incredible! I loved the little guy in the bath with the bigger bird (statue) behind him.

  5. Yes…that little one was sorta staying away from the other bird splashing water all over the place.

    Dutchess…nope, no marble. Just a plain ole copper twirly that spins like crazy with a breeze. Sorta looks like a smooshed open ornament.

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