ACER saccharum ‘Green Mountain’ Maple

Meet our new member to our front yard ~ a very handsome Green Mountain sugar Maple! I’m all ah’giddy! I’ve had my mind set on a new tree for the front yard for over a year now. Back and forth between a fruitless Mulberry type or a Maple of some sort. Then I settled on I WANT COLOR IN THE FALL! So the Maple won out.

Then came googling Maples. I wanted a flashy tree for October ~ and came up with October Glory. I had my heart set on that one…seemed it would be perfect for our yard. But…there weren’t very many of them in the Reno/Sparks area. The nursery closest to my house had a few, but wanted $140 for a 15 gallon tree. Kept calling around and found one in Reno for $76. Better price.

Called the next closest nursery to my house, Rail City Garden Center. They did not have the October Glory, but did have two other sugar Maples that I might like. One being the Green Mounatin sugar Maple.
They had 3 of them for $76.99…since I would rather give a local nursery my money we went there to take a peeksee.

The Green Mountain Sugar Maple, ‘Acer saccharum “Green Mountain”, is a very handsome deciduous tree with leathery leaves. This showy tree is upright and oval in shape. This tree is noted for its improved performance in dry restricted growing areas such as areas close to pavement. The Green Mountain carries all of the characteristics of the Sugar Maple with the strong limbs and the gorgeous fall color and the seeds are inconspicuous and causes no significant litter problems.

The Green Mountain is used for wide tree lawns, screens, shade, and as specimen tree. It is also good street tree. The leathery leaves and durable foliage resists heat and drought. Sugar Maple is among the most shade tolerant of large deciduous trees. Like other maples, its shade tolerance is manifested in its ability to germinate and persist under a closed canopy as an understory plant.

Anyhoo…Rail City Garden Center has BEAUTIFUL 15 gallon trees ~ and they were 30% off! Our tree cost us $53 ~ bought it, they tagged it and held onto it for a day while I dug a hole. We figured it would take a day to dig the bloody hole since there are so many rocks in our property. But someone must have actually dug them out of the lawn as I didn’t hit rocks until I was about 15″ down. YEAH! It’s standing nice and tall now out front.

My upper back arm muscles (triceps?) are killing me now from pulling up the lawn…a yard circle with 8″ of dirt attached to the bottom is hard! I wanted to keep it in one piece JUST IN CASE we dug into pipes (which happened to the first hole…ran into some very old looking metal pipes, not sure what they were so I re-filled the hole and started over again).

2 thoughts on “ACER saccharum ‘Green Mountain’ Maple

  1. Nice to see you are not the only one to select this tree for their front yard. We recently planted the same exact tree in our front yard for pretty the same reasons you mentioned. I can’t wait to watch this tree grow. Hope we are in this house long enough to expereince some of the beauty of this tree.

    Scott in Bham.

  2. Wow…I could have written every word about how you googled and searched for a fall color tree, I did the same thing first wanting the October Glory…I just today purchased the Green Mountain Maple…it has a 3″ trunk and a little bit of bright orange/red color on the few leaves it has left. This is my 4th maple…I have two Autumn Blaze maples, one Marmo Maple and now the Green Mountain…here is a toast to all you wonderful maple lovers out there!

    Jan, Chesterfield MI

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