For Today ~ 15 September 2008 ~ Simple Woman Daybook

FOR TODAY … 15 September 2008

Outside My Window…Another hot day in store ~ 92F-94F. Big sigh. Not a cloud in the sky. Construction workers working on the building next door. Students and lab techs slowly making their way in from the parking lot.

I am thinking…it’s already the 15th of September. Didn’t the month just start?! Where did the last two weeks go? I need a nap. I hope my sister brought the second book of the Twilight series. I’m hungry already! Sheesh. (I think my brain is snapping in different directions today)

I am thankful for… My job, my friends, and the roof over my head…and the possiblity of mid-80F temps later in the week.

From the kitchen… the smell of roasted New Mexican Hatch green chiles…oh so yummy. I made up my own take of a green chile pork posole dish up last night ~ roasted a lot of chiles and then skinned them. Put in one head of garlic and one yellow onion (both from Yerington and Smith Valley, Nevada) into the blender. Heated up a TBSP of canola oil into the cast iron skillet and put the garlic, onion and about 4 cups of shredded pork butt roast (that I slow-cooked all day on Saturday in organic fat-free chicken broth and cumin)…browned it up and then added the minced green chiles. Added some of the strained broth from the pork and two cans of white hominy (drained). Served it with homemade tortillas. We’re having leftovers tonight… 🙂

I am wearing… sundress (my favorite brown and tan striped one) and berks, hair back in a clip.

I am creating… a hemp necklace for my sister…used a spiral weave…can’t figure out how to securely wrap the shark’s tooth (it’s only half of one, so it’s a little harder to wrap).

I am going… …to do payroll after I’m done here.

I am reading… The Twilight series ~ just finished up the first book and hoping my sister brought the second one today. Will pick it up at lunch time.

I am hoping… STILL: that my husband can find a job real quick as he is out of work again (please pray!)…I’m tired of the temporary jobs…as I’m sure he is too. We need a full-time permanent job for him! (I think this is the last week of this job ~ he needs another one lined up!)

I am hearing… The hum of the chillers, my office mate typing and listening to Rob, Arnie & Dawn, and next door office folks

Around the house… We planted a BEAUTIFUL Green Mountain Maple tree out front.

One of my favorite things… trees…especially trees turning colors in the fall. Oaks, Maples and Aspens.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… sandwich the Underground Railroad quilt together and pin-baste it. Cut out some blocks of the Dear Jane quilt so I can start hand-appliquĂ©ing.

Here is picture thought I’d share with you…my new tree ~ ACER saccharum ‘Green Mountain’ sugar maple.


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5 thoughts on “For Today ~ 15 September 2008 ~ Simple Woman Daybook

  1. Maybe I should come in every Monday to see what you’re up to! I haven’t read the Twilight book. Sharon made the book sound so good.

    I hope your husband finds a good job soon.

    See ya,

  2. It’s a really good book!

    Yep…every Monday I have the daybook.

    He’s still working a temp job that keeps telling him to come back for one more week. We have our fingers crossed that it’ll be more permanant.

  3. I’ll say a pray for your husband and the job situation.

    WOW, it’s hot there!! Take Care in that heat!

    I bet the hemp necklace turn out beautifully!

    –Kimberly (Simple Woman’s Daybook Reader)

  4. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. My daughter is reading the Twilight series and has literally devoured it. She’s halfway through the 4th book and just got it Friday.

    I love your maple!

  5. Oh that maple tree is SO pretty! Maples are my absolute favorites. They have a pretty shape and structure, they turn gorgeous colors, they (some of them) provide yummy sap, and when their lives are over, they yield the most beautiful wood grain around IMO.

    Your dinner sounds amazing!

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