Portola Railroad Museum

I won’t bore you will all of my pictures…here are a sampling of them. I did not know that there were pirates running amok at the rail yard! 🙂 And while hopping from one caboose to another I glanced back at the snow blower and saw the US Flag flying in the the window.

The Feather River Canyon Highway 70 in Plumas County

Over the weekend we drove to Chico (tour the Sierra Nevada Brewery) and then drove back home through the Feather River Canyon on 70. Was a beautiful weekend, not too hot ~ here are a bunch of pictures of the canyon. Our last stop before home was Portola…we like their little park across the street from the library. Ate lunch there and then went to the railroad museum.

Here are a few pictures of Quincy, Ca buildings. I have a bunch of the Portola Railroad Museum, but will put those on another post.