Chicken Enchiladas and Margaritas

I had a craving for chicken enchiladas the other day while making the Margarita Jam…so the next day I gathered all the makings for them and made them up. There are only two of us but for the life of me I can’t make dinner for two. So on the way home from work I stopped off at Raley’s and bought those disposable aluminum baking pans…figured I’d freeze the ones we don’t eat that night.

I cooked the chicken breasts in just water and cumin…then shred them. I love black beans and I happened to have frozen the ones I grew this year in the garden. They too were boiled in cumin and water until tender…then smashed. Fat free sour cream. Yellow onions, chopped. Diced Roma tomatoes. Shredded sharp Cheddar and Cotija cheese. Cilantro. Green chiles. Tortillas…I like flour and make my own. I didn’t make my own sauce this time…I use green enchilada sauce, I like it over the red.

I roll all of it, sans the cilantro and tomatoes, together and then pour the sauce on top. Sprinkle with extra cheese, onions and then the tomatoes and cilantro.

This one went into the oven for a half hour on 375F.

These went out into the freezer for two other nights.

Serve with a salad topped with Paul Newman’s Own Light Lime Vinaigrette and a margarita on the rocks!

Enjoy! 😀

4 thoughts on “Chicken Enchiladas and Margaritas

  1. You are an all around champ! I love how skilled you are in so many areas! Your garden and kitchen to name only two! Such an inspiration!!!

  2. I love making Chicken Enchiladas but I always make too much and it goes to waste – I can’t explain why I never thought about freezing a batch (duh!!). I am going to put those aluminum pans on my grocery list so I am prepared. Thanks.

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