The Red Wing Crock

I love Red Wing pottery ~ especially the crocks, and we’ve always had 3 of them in the house while growing up. I had always assumed that they came from my dad’s side of the family, who is from Red Wing, MN. But have since learnt that they’re from the other side of the family from Nebraska.

The crocks are one of the few things that I really really really wanted handed down to me ~ and mom let me have 2 of them so far. 😉

Mom said that the 8 gallon crock was the maker of dill pickles and the hider of California walnuts. Grandma and Great Grandma, in Lynch, Nebraska, would make dill pickles by adding the cucumbers to the pickling brine and place a large dish on top of the crock. And it hid walnuts that were sent by my Great Aunt Hazel (who had moved to Los Angeles) ~ in plain view of the all the kids when they operated and lived in the hotel. She said they never did figure out where her mom was getting them from…she’d only pull out a small bunch at a time to put out.

I seriously debated on using the 2 gallon crock to make dill pickles this year. But chickened out and took the “fast route” ~ maybe next year!

1 thought on “The Red Wing Crock

  1. Love that:). There’s something to be said about pieces with history to them. I have my Mums set of funky 70s tupperware. All harvest gold, avocado green, and that strange orange color. Love them.

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