My Favorite Barn just outside of Loyalton, California

I’m not sure who owns my favorite barn in Sierra Valley, just west of Loyalton before you get to Sierraville….but I love her. We were up there taking a drive and hiking around on Sunday ~ here are the latest pictures.

Here is the view of the valley that she gazes upon ~ looking NW.

Here she is last year filled to the rim with hay ~ sun setting on her giving off a very nice warm glow. Can you see the hawk sitting on top of her? Here is the painting that Sue of Perpetualplum painted of the picture below ~

Barn in Loyalton


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Barn just outside of Loyalton, California

  1. Hi there! I wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks so much for visitng Borrowed Freedom. I loved these barn pictures! Old barns are one of my favorite things too, I hate the modern look of newer industrial farms.


  2. Another old barn lover here. Living where we do, there are a lot of them around… some derelicts, some still in good repair and use. One quite close to us met its demise in that bad storm over the summer that split our tree trunk. It was so sad to see. 😦

    I love those pictures. The colors look exactly as I remember from my trip once upon an October. 😉

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