Hiking Buddies ~ Adopt a dog for hiking! Nevada Humane Society

Before heading out to work I glanced briefly through the Reno Gazette Journal and a side article caught my eye in the Neighborhoods & Voices section.

Diane Blankenburg’s Animal Files ~ Adopt dog for hiking.

Looking for a companion for hiking, biking, snowshoeing, jogging or walking? Want to help the orphaned animals of our community? The Hiking Buddies program is the perfect opportunity.

Take a Nevada Humane Society shelter dog out with you for a day of fun, fresh air and exercise and give them a better chance at finding a new home. It provides a chance for the dog to get out of the shelter thus improving their quality of life…makes them calmer in their cages which increases their chance of being adopted.

Hiking Buddies was started by Britt Johnson, a volunteer ~ she and her husband have been working with the dogs at the Nevada Humane Society for months. The dogs wear Adopt Me vests or colorful bandanas to increase public awareness. Britt interviews applicants and works with the staff to match hikers to the dogs.

Want to join?! Apply to the Hiking Buddies Program by contacting the Nevada Humane Society at 775-856-2000, ext. 308 or Britt Johnson at bberger@cabnr.unr.edu.

7 thoughts on “Hiking Buddies ~ Adopt a dog for hiking! Nevada Humane Society

  1. What a cool idea, I just heard about this the other day. I just lost my dog to cancer. I’m not quite ready for another dog so soon, but I do like to hike & I do love dogs. I’m going to try to do this at least once a month.

    BTW- nice blog.

    Kurt “Nevadahiker” Kuznicki

  2. I’m so sorry about Judy (just read your blog)…I like your your other hiking buddy, Lucy, too…glad the two of you got to go out and take pictures over the weekend!

    I think I’m going to adopt a buddy too…I grew up with dogs, but my husband is not too sure about them. 😦

  3. Yes Judy was such a sweetie , one of those special dogs that come around once in a lifetime.

    Lucy is my wife’s dog , she is cool too and I’m glad she is around to cheer me up and go for a hike now and again. I’ve always had a dog ( six all together). I wouldn’t know what to do without one around. I would like to adopt an shelter dog(Judy was pound dog), but I really want a puppy. Besides I’m not sure how Lucy would take to another grown dog a puppy would know it’s place and might be less threating for her.


  4. This is such an incredible idea! I love it so much, I wrote up the information in a little article and placed it under glass at my front desk where patients sign in at Falling Waters. (My husband is a chiropractor who is always recommending his patients to walk). I am telling everyone about this program. Animals have long been known to lower people’s blood pressure and comfort people through bereavements of lost spouses and children. Having a “buddy” to go out with is not only healthy for us, but can really brighten up a dog’s day who may feel abandoned by the world and could use a little slice of happiness.


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