For Today ~ 20 October 2008 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 20 October 2008

Outside My Window… A clear sunny day with high clouds…going to be 70F today. The remains of the bombfire from Homecoming Night.

I am thinking… Happy Birthday, Husband of Mine.

I am thankful for… Being able to vote! I voted early on Saturday! For Gerneral Colin Powell’s interview on Sunday morning! 🙂

From the kitchen… Dirty dishes! Oy! Tonight I’ll be picking up some chicken wings from Wing Stop…will be getting the Family Pack deal that I have a coupon for.

I am wearing…tan crop pants, berks, lime green short sleave sweater and hair in a ponytail.

I am creating… Still working on that pinwheel lap quilt…and sewing together 2-1/2″ squares into a four patch.

I am going…a bit crazy putting together the abstract book and presentation schedule for our graduate student retreat.

I am reading… I have two chapters left on the fourth and last book of the Twilight Series…I’ve 3 others sitting on my night stand ready to be opened up.

I am hoping…that my husband has a nice birthday today.

I am hearing… The Adam Carolla Show via my computer.

Around the house…is fabric! Everywhere! I’ve quilting on the brain!

One of my favorite things… The smell of the books on the lower levels of the library…I just love that smell! Fabric! Lovely 100% cotton fabric stashes!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…figure out a quilt design for the two Moda Layer Cakes I got in Cotton Blossoms (JCM) and (JCD) print. I have 40 10×10 pieces of each.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…From my walk yesterday at Rancho San Rafael Park near the University of Nevada…the fall colors are just lovely at the moment!


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6 thoughts on “For Today ~ 20 October 2008 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Happy birthday to your honey!

    Matt and I went to Rancho at sunset last night. Stunning. We got married on the bridge in the wetland area at Rancho.

  2. My sister was married at the park too…and was engaged at that rainbow colored park bench.

    When I was wandering around yesterday afternoon there was a couple “posing” for engagement pictures (down on one knee even!) on that covered bridge.

  3. Oh there is just so much to comment on about your daybook entries! Happy Birthday to your husband!! Your photos were absolutely breathtaking. I wish I could quilt. My mom made us several quilts but because puppy sleeps on the bed with us some of them are now in need of repair. quilting is a beautiful art – my mom tried to teach me at one time but it is just not my thing….too many details involved I guess. Is the twilight series the one about the vampire???? I have heard quite a lot about it…that it is excellent but I am unsure if it is my kind of reading. Gotta run…classes to teach!!

  4. OMG! Your pinwheels knock me out! Fantastic!

    Your birch tree/daisy pic is definitely greeting card worthy, methinks. I love the color contrast.

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