Sunday Stroll through Rancho San Rafael Park ~ Autumn Colors

Sunday while my husband rode his bike at Rancho San Rafael Park ~ I strolled through the Wilbur D. May Arboretum with my camera, of course! 🙂 I’m only going to post 20 of the 89 pictures…heh.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll through Rancho San Rafael Park ~ Autumn Colors

  1. So glad you stopped by for a visit! Yes, pecans growing on trees makes it feel like the land of Oz. We were pleasantly surprised as well. Of course, I can see you live in a pretty amazing place yourself. Every place has its natural treasures, doesn’t it?

    Blessings & joy,

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous!! They truly are the perfect representation of fall. I wish we could see colors like that here in Texas. If you decide to make them into a fall card set, let me know! I would love to buy a set from you – you are SO talented girl!!

  3. Hey girl…the group on my blog is called Celtic Thunder – they are all from Ireland or Scotland. I am excited to see them….oh! You are having a Twilight group!! That sounds so fun! I would love to get one together here – it will be probably just be me and my sister. I just gave my mom the first book last weekend, maybe if she finishes it then she will go with us.

    Oh yes, please email me about your cards – those pics are fabulous!! Ever thought of putting together a Xmas set?? 🙂

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