Day at Trego Hot Springs, Black Rock Desert ~ Nevada

FINALLY! Saturday we finally made it back up to the Black Rock…we’ve been wanting to get up there before the snow flies, seems something always came up.

Drove up Pyramid Lake Highway and then took a right once got to Pyramid Lake heading towards Nixon.

I wanted to keep going north and go through the Smoke Creek, but alas…for some odd reason I don’t always get my way! 😦 That’s ok, because then I wouldn’t have seen the Truckee at Nixon ~

Nor gotten pics (digital this time…I’ve lots of film pictures) of the petroglyphs on the Winnemucca Lake side half way between Nixon and Gerlach ~

We stopped off at a “storage unit” garage sale in Empire…my husband can’t pass a yard sale…then headed on through Gerlach to Planet X. I was going to get an angel ornament, but saw a froggie while paying and changed my mind. I get something everytime we’re up there…usually from the seconds shelf.

Then back through Gerlach towards Empire to catch the BLM road to Winnemucca…Trego Hot Springs is on the way. The water was great…weather was warm too. Last time we were there it snowed. Two trains passed. Only had two other people there the whole day and they didn’t show up until 4pm…ended up that she knew my FIL, went to high school together! It’s a small world! I hiked around while my husband rode his bike. Played cribbage, frisbee, soaked in the hot springs.

Then sped across the playa to Bruno's in Gerlach…we didn’t get the ravioli’s instead we had fried chicken and spaghetti (we shared our meals). I wish I had pictures of the moonless night to share with you. Had to pull-over between Gerlach and Nixon for a “pit stop” πŸ˜€ and just happened to look up…Oh My Gosh! I haven’t seen that many stars in a long time. The Milky Way was so thick it looked like someone just painted the sky with white. The Big Dipper was sitting low…shooting stars everywhere. Big sigh. We pulled the tailgate down and just sat for 1/2 hour watching the sky.

10 thoughts on “Day at Trego Hot Springs, Black Rock Desert ~ Nevada

  1. Oh, wow! What lovely, wide open spaces! And such beautiful photography! Wish you COULD have gotten a shot of the milky way ~ I know it must have been gorgeous out there so far from the city lights!

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  3. πŸ™‚ You are more than welcome to come on down, Sue. Spend 2 weeks with me and then I’ll come home with you for 2 weeks to solder and craft in your shop.

    Hiya Dutchess! Thank you, Lisa!

  4. What beautiful pictures! Isn’t it amazing how different parts of the country have different scenery. No desert or wide open spaces in Northwest Florida, just constant greenery….and beaches. But I sure do get tired of beach pictures.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  5. Dear Trekkers,
    Each new desert image is both fresh and ancient (The Gobi may well have the Source of our humanity). I have always Returned since the USAF sent me, an eastern boy, to the Mojave many years ago. I now live in Susanville and need again, I see, to return. Best travellin’.

  6. It’s real easy to get to the Black Rock from Susanville…just head on over to Wendel and follow road to Pyramid Lake…take a left up the Smoke Creek and take a right once you hit the pavement.

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