Happy Birthday, Nevada! 31 October 1864

Probably won’t be near a computer tomorrow so just wanted to wish everyone a happy Nevada Day! For those of us that have the day off, enjoy! Looks like it’ll be perfect weather (hee!)…I mean come on folks! How many of us have been here long enough that it just wouldn’t be Nevada Day without some rain or snow??!!! I know you old 4-H’ers are out there that spent many hiney freezing hours on a float down in Carson City during the Nevada Day Parade…with either rain, snow or sleet. 🙂

Now we celebrate Nevada Day on the last Friday of the month. Still seething on that one..to me that’s like changing the 4th of July! I voted against the 3-day weekend, Nevada Day should be on the 31st no matter what.

Just some tidbits for all of you outside of Nevada.


Nevada was brought in as the 36th state in the Union on 31 October 1864 by President Abraham Lincoln…President Lincoln needed some votes for his reelection and the Nevada Territory had union leanings.

Nicknames: Sagebrush State (boy-howdy can I attest to this one…sniffle, sniffle), Silver State, Battle-Born State

Nevada is Spanish for “snow-capped”

State Artifact is the Tule Duck which is almost 2,000 years old and discovered in the 1920’s at Lovelock Cave.

State Fossil is the Ichthyosaur ~ and we grew them big here in Nevada! LOL! Our Ichy’s are the Shonisaurus and grew to be 55 feet long. You can visit them at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park which is just east of Gabbs and South of Ione. I worked there 3 summers as a park aide while going to school at UNR (Mackay School of Mines). If you haven’t been there…GO! Great place, lots of fun. It’s a good spot to set up base camp and hop around the area…Grantsville, Ione, Austin, Reese River Valley.

State Bird ~ Mountain Bluebird (though I think it should be the Pinyon or Scrub Jay myself)…pretty little bird that I don’t see much of.

State Animal ~ the Desert Bighorn Sheep…another critter that I haven’t seen much of.

State Fish ~ Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Now this critter I have seen! We were staying at Old Pioneer Garden B&B in Unionville and explored/fished the canyons around the area. Hiking up Rocky Canyon my husband caught a native Cutthroat in the small creek…she was a wee beautiful fishie! Used a barbless hook and she was set free.

State Reptile ~ Desert Tortoise. A critter I do see a lot of as my sister owns one…it has been in her husband’s family for a very, very long time now. Shelton gets to visit a lot of school children every year. He’s all snuggly in his winter box now.

State Flower ~ Sagebrush. It’s everywhere…can’t miss it…one of the best smells on earth is sagebrush after it rains.

State Tree ~ Single-Leaf Pinon (pinus monophylla). A beautiful bushy pine that produces great nuts and makes for a very pretty Christmas tree. But a note…if you cut one down with the BLM permit, just make sure you have a drop-cloth underneath the tree and don’t use your best ornaments. 🙂 This tree makes for a very pretty primitive Christmas tree. White lights and nature ornaments ~ popcorn, dried apple slices, dried orange slices, pinyon pine cones (gather the pine cones and then place on a foil-line cooke sheet, place in oven on a low setting. The sap from the cones will heat up and then shellac the pinecone when cooled! VERY PRETTY!).

Also is the Bristlecone Pine ~ the oldest living thing on earth. I’ve seen the ones at Great Basin National Park on the hike up Wheeler Peak.

State Precious Gemstone is the Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal which is found in very northern Washoe County. During the summer take a trip on up and root around the Royal Peacock Mine or the Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine…those are the two I remember of.

HAHAHAHA! We have a State Tartan! Too funny.

State Metal is Silver and our Colors are Silver and Blue (GO PACK!)

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