Hike to the “N” ~ Evans Creek Trailhead

Since I was asked if I knew the route to the “N”…thought I’d just tell you about it.

Just park at the Basque Monument area of the Rancho San Rafael park (where the ball parks are) off of N. Virginia Street, just north of McCarran.

Picture below is the trailhead between the parking lot and the Basque Monument. To the left (north of the parking lot) is a GREAT 18 Hole Frisbee Disc Golf Course!

Here’s a link to Afoot & Afield Reno-Tahoe…it has a great write up on the trail on up to the N…it starts on page 329.

The weather is still holding ~ would be a great weekend hike!

4 thoughts on “Hike to the “N” ~ Evans Creek Trailhead

  1. Thank you!
    As a matter of fact I already went this afternoon, because
    A) found out I have to work this weekend, and
    B) never expected you to answer so fast.
    That spectacular Evans Creek area is understandably a popular place. Lots of nice folks about to point the way. Was that you I saw there?

    PS Love your blog!

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