Family Games ~ Dice, Cards, Board

My family always liked to play games while growing up…we played lots of games, but mainly loved card games. Oh Nuts, Canasta, War, Solitaire…

I can’t find anyone to play Canasta with me anymore so the games my husband and I play are Cribbage, Gin Rummy, Marbles (Aggravation), Yahtze, Scrabble, and a card game my inlaws taught us that I have no clue what the name is but has to do with trump and sets…I have to play it “politely” with them, but I’m sure there would be a lot of hand slapping if I was playing with my sister! Hee!

My sister wants family games for Christmas…and I think I may have found a fun one that will help with Hannah & Nate’s numbers.

Shut-The-Box ~ click here for National Geographic’s version.

After their sails were still for the night, Norman mariners would get out their dice and play Shut-the-Box. The simple and addictive game made its way around the world as trade increased among Europe, Africa, and China, and it remains especially popular in the U.K. today. Roll the dice and lay down any combination of tiles to match your roll. Keep rolling until you can’t match your roll on the remaining tiles. Low score wins; lay down all the tiles and you’ve shut the box.

I’ve been playing it on-line here…just to see how to play it. Had me bringing out the fingers to count on ~ ROFL!

What is your favorite game to play with the family?

8 thoughts on “Family Games ~ Dice, Cards, Board

  1. Hi
    I’ve poped in now and then to read your blog.
    You are a great writer, and I think you are very skilled.

    Reading today’s topic I suddenly remembered that when I was a child/ teen, we played Canasta in my family, too. :o)
    I loved that game, and have never since met anyone, who knew that game.

    But I live i Denmark, so the chances of meeting for a game of Canasta is very slim..Too bad, ..might have been fun :o)

    Best regards

  2. Yep,
    My mom and my uncle are cousins to April’s mom, so I guess that makes April and me first cousins once removed.

    Think I’ll flutter a little about in here. I’m quite intrigued by your wool makings.

    Please excuse my somewhat poor english , sometimes it’s difficult to put one’s thoughts in writing in another language.
    If you understand Danish, PLEASE let me know ;o)

    Vh (Venlig hilsen/Best regards)

  3. Uno is very fun…will have to look into the liverpool rummy.

    I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER played a game of monolopy the way it was meant to be played…LOL!

    Gitte…we’ll just say you’re April’s cousin! 🙂 No, I do not know Danish, but I’m sure April could translate for us.

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