Knitting & Crocheting ~ Scarves and Mittens

I’m teaching myself how to crochet ~ it looks much easier than knitting as you only have to use one hook! 😉

But my friend, Sharon, in Florida, can knit up a storm! I’ve many pairs of socks that she’s made and she just sent me a pair of gloves and mittens.

Here are the Red Hot Mama gloves! LOL! (I’m known as Redwings in another group of ours…and I look dang good in red, if I say so myself!).

This Sierra Nevada is for you, Sharon!

Now onto the Thistle Dreams ~ I love, love, LOVE thistles.

Made for an Angel! LOL! I thought she knew me better than that!


Now onto the amatuer part of this post…me, learning to crochet.

I know how to single stitch, double stitch, and just recently learnt the treble stitch. I found that I like crocheting as it’s something I can do while watching tv at night.

Crochet Pattern Central has a very cool link to VIDEO STITCH TUTORIALS ~ thank you Sharon for guiding me over there.

Here are some of the scarves I’ve made to donate to The Kids Kottage here in Reno/Sparks.

The Kids Kottages are protective shelters where police or social workers bring children after they have been removed from their families. They are temporary homes operated 24 hours a day by Adams and Associates, Inc., under a contract with Washoe County Department of Social Services. They house up to 82 children, both boys and girls who range in age from one day old up to eighteen years.

Most children at Kids Kottage are there because their families are suspected of severe abuse or neglect. However, some children are placed because no one else is available to care for them during parental incarceration or hospitalization.

I’ve made 7 so far…now I think I’ll start back in on the quilts to give to them…I’ve lots of flannel scraps to make a few lap quilts.

The green/blue one in the middle has both the treble and double stitch…while the other two are just double stitches.

12 thoughts on “Knitting & Crocheting ~ Scarves and Mittens

  1. (taking a sip) mmmm…..good! 😀

    You got them in record time! I just mailed them Friday. Glad you got them so soon. Now you will have toasty digits.

  2. Ahhhhhhhh a cookie dough eater! Well I would gladly send you some of these cookies but alas I have had to put some in hiding so that I may enjoy them later with a steaming hot cup of cafe!!! Once again you must be very multi talented, I know how to crochet and have been trying to teach myself how to knit!!Hehehe, Blessings, Diana

  3. how long have you been crocheting? i’m terrified of learning to knit but it seems like such a wonderful thing to do so maybe i can start with the crochet..

  4. That’s ok Diana, I’ve all the ingredients to make up my own dough. 😛

    😉 Come on, Donna! Show us your crocheting! You can’t bead all the time!

    Kate ~ let’s just say that before Christmas all I ever crocheted was a very, very, very long scarf (it got away from me)…I can wrap it around my head 3 times. Hee. Sharon told me about a great site that has videos on the different stitches…I’ll go add the link to the post.

  5. thank you so much for adding the link! i’m very excited. i think i’ll start in a couple of weeks while i’m visiting my mom. it’ll be the perfect way to spend a snowy day!! (by the way, i love your blog and have it bookmarked.. we used to live in Sparks but we’re in PA now and you keep me connected.. thanks!)

  6. Kate ~ you’re most welcome!

    So you broke free of Nevada, eh? 🙂 I’ve been here a looooong time. Almost made a move to Colorado. Which part of Sparks were you from? Whereabouts in PA are you?

  7. also has some tutorials if you want to try your hand at knitting. And you know you can always ask me if you have a problem. I’d be happy to help you…any of you interested in learning to knit.

  8. We were in an apartment complex, unfortunately, close to the train yard as my beau is a train conductor for the UP… or was.. We had moved to Sparks from MT. Shasta (such a hard move!) for his work with the UP & with the economy tanking he kept getting bumped off the board.. they are still not doing well. So we moved to cheap living with a friend in PA, just outside of Philadelphia in the ‘burbs, so he could get work on the commuter rails out here. I’d love to get back to CA and I’m originally from MA…(i’m a massage therapist and can do that anywhere).. love New England but can’t believe I’m not among the mountains anymore.

  9. Kate…you should take Sharon (digipics) up on her offer of helping you learn how to knit! She’s wonderful!

    HEY! My FIL is a retired SP Engineer (retired in 1994 after 44 years of service with the SP). He worked the Sparks to Carlin route for a long time and before that he worked Wendel (Susanville area) to Sparks. Now and again he worked the Modoc line too.

  10. Beautiful!!! I love the lattice design on the red mitten cuffs, and really love the colors and accent on the thistly mittens. 🙂

  11. Nice scarves! I’m teaching my little sis to crochet right now. Her first scarf is about a foot and and half wide. Yay portable blanket.

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