Wednesday’s Potluck

Have a few moments to sneak in a post today…just a few odds and ends, nothing in particular.

So let’s start the potluck!

Dutchess commented about the tile I had in some pictures in the camera post…

It’s a Celtic Seal or Selkie Knot Tile that I bought off of ebay many, many years ago. The seller is Mae_Bea from Canada. They do quite beautiful work. Go check them out.


When I was off work on Monday, I stopped by Ben Franklin’s, not too far from my house. I needed some white on white fabric for some quilts I’m making and spied this fabric ~ It’s called Happy Days and designed for Exclusively Quilters, 2007. It is way too cute. I bought a yard and will make a small quilt out of it.


My set-up in the living room while watching the playoffs.


Max making sure I’m sandwiching & pinning the flannel patchwork quilt together right.


The new crochet book I bought off of Crafter’s Choice Book Club for $10 ~ >The A to Z of Crochet ~ The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter. Very cool book with lots of pictures on each stitch!


Soy candles I made in baby food jars for an upcoming baby shower. They wanted Vanilla scent to it so I mixed French Vanilla and Cream Cheese Frosting. Very yummy smelling.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Potluck

  1. Does that old black rotary phone still work!! I remember as a child when we had a phone like that and our telephone number was 9034J. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Karen…I’ll take a peeksee.

    Heh…Oreo, there is a free knitting group out in the south part of Reno. They even have needles and yarn…you just show up and they’ll teach you. It’s tempting.

    Donna, that phone came from my husband’s grandma’s garage. I found it while helping my FIL clean the place out after she died a few years back. It still has all the original cords and plugs. It’s beautiful…and heavy. I think it’s from the 1940’s. It probably will still work if we rewired it.

  3. Well, I’ve made quilts (and you cannot keep a cat off a quilt, by the way!). But I want to learn to make candles. Soy candles! Know a good book I can start off with?

  4. Brenda…you’re in Texas so you have a great supply company in your state. Google Bittercreek South. I’ve gotten fragrance oils and soy wax from them many times.

    I didn’t have a book to learn from ~ I just did it. I like to use canning jars for my candle containers. And I buy the zinc wicks. Liquid colorants for candles…and sometimes I like to swirl in gold or silver mica powder for glitter.

  5. Yay. That tile awesome and I’m actualy looking for a piece to use as the center of a backsplash over the stove.

    The quilt you’re working on is beutiful. I’ve always liked the simple square ones, particularly with a fuzzy kitty on them:)

    I’m off to check out that ebay site.

  6. Oh cute! That tile reminds me of Detroit’s Pewabic Pottery… they do a lot of Celtic themes.

    I came by hoping for pix of your baby jar candles, and you did not disappoint.

    The fabric is SO precious! xoxo

    *wiping drool from keyboard over your Janome*

  7. Forgot to add…

    You – scary lady. I just discovered that crochet book in my new Nordic Needle catalog last night, and am planning to buy it… and here you have it already LOL!

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