Learning new Crochet Stitches ~ Clusters & Popcorn

Spent late afternoon Saturday teaching myself new crochet stitches from the book A to Z of Crochet ~ The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner (me) to Advanced Crocheter.

I know the single, double, half double, treble stitches…and now I’m pretty confident I know the Clusters stitch using double stitches, semi-confident about the Popcorn stitch. I’ve got the Popcorn stitch down pat going one direction, but it’s the return direction that has me fretting.

My progress on the Cluster Stitch ~ I would think it would make an excellent afghan.

Now onto the Popcorn stitch…first I made a single chain and then back again with a single stitch. Then I started the popcorn stitches…at first I skipped a stitch, popcorn stitch, then instead of skipping a stitch to start the next popcorn, I put it into the very next stitch. WRONG! LOL! I did half with the single stitches and then half with skipping a stitch. The skipping stitches turned out much better. So I started over again. Turned out great. Then it said to do a row of either a single stitch, half double, or double before starting the popcorn stitches again. This is where I faltered. Going back the stitches are doubled…so do I put in single stitches or two single stitches to every stitch? I’ll keep playing with this one until I’m more comfortable with it. Not really sure what you’d make with this stitch…I guess it would make a very cute hat.

6 thoughts on “Learning new Crochet Stitches ~ Clusters & Popcorn

  1. Good For you! My mom was very good at crocheting. I can only do a little. I mainly do the same 2 or 3 edgings! It has been quite awhile since I’ve done any crocheting though! Keep working. It looks great!

  2. Looks great. The cluster stich looks alot like my favorite. Don’t know the name. Odd number of ch singel stich in each for the first row, turn, singel 1 ch 1 to end. Makes for a pretty lacey patter and really quick.

  3. The cluster I did was…(hopefully this makes sense…as I don’t have the book in front of me)

    First chain as many as you want, second row single stitch, then chain 3, yarn over then into first chain of last row; yarn over pull through 2; yarn over into next chain, pull through 2; yarn over into next chain, pull through 2, yarn over pull throuh all four left on hook. Chain 2, yarn over and then start all over again.

    So there is 3 double sticthes in 1 cluster.

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