Just Because…

Am taking Friday off to head down to Gardnerville…just for the heck of it…because it’s supposed to be sunny…because I just found out about a quilt shop (The Quilt House) down there that I had no clue about…because my husband has to take a recertification class on Saturday and it’s gonna rain/snow on Sunday.

Am very much looking forward to Saturday! I get to play with wire and beads…without my husband being home! Maybe I’ll head over to G&G Nursery and Rail City Garden Ceter too. And maybe muddle-through more of the crocheting round dish/wash cloths.

I’ve finished six square cloths…two round ones, at least they’re sorta round. I still don’t quite comprehend crochet speak.

Here is one I finished at lunch today…and the start of another.

Wishing everyone a great weekend ~