We Killed Another Juniper! OORAH!

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you’d know that I despise Junipers in any type of landscaping. And when we bought our house, which was built in 1915, the yard was full of the bloody shrubs…some of them the size of a single car garage. We dug and pulled and dug and cried and dug and chopped and sawed and dug most of them out of the yard.

One was left in my way….and on Saturday we sawed and dug the wee one out.

The wee Juniper had to die because I wanted to plant pretty plants that bees like. I love to garden…bees help my garden…therefore I love bees. And I’m going to make my yard a very happy place for bees.

While at Lowes, I wandered to the outdoor plant section while my husband went to the back to pick up something he needed to fix our side gate. I stood in front of the Mediterranean Heather plants for 5 minutes mesmerized by all the bees. Happy bees. Very very happy bees. I want those happy bees in my yard, so I picked out two plants, one in pink and one in white and took them home with me.

After taking out the small juniper, with a big trunk, I planted the heather. This type of Heather blooms in the winter and spring (great for rock gardens) ~ takes full sun, fast growing, hardy to -20F. It’s near my Russian Sage…so when the Heather stops flowering, the Russian Sage will pick up where it left off.

I planted four horseradish plants in the strip between the two sets of bricks (believe it or not, but that is the space I grew two rows of sweet corn last year!)…see picture below.

Also, if you take a look at the upper right corner ~ I’m debating on either planting 3 Blueberry plants and some Elderberries OR that will be the spot I plant the Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash).

I’ve narrowed down the Blueberry plants to either TORO or the BLUECROP.

6 thoughts on “We Killed Another Juniper! OORAH!

  1. You’ve got some great brick work there! And Hazah for the death of the last juniper!! I’m with you on hateing them.

  2. We actually have two very large ones left in the yard, in front of the sunroom (front of house)…I’m leaving them because 1) we don’t want to tackle the large ones anymore, 2) the birds really really really like them (quail hide in there with their babies), 3) I keep them trimmed so they are a bit tamer.

  3. For you it’s juniper, for me it’s the dreaded nasty, giant weed-looking yellow flower having bush that I thought was a ficus and now I think is not. My husband loves it because is hides the mailboxes from our window view, but I hate it nonetheless.

    When it blooms again, I’ll send you a pic and see if you can identify it for me. I hate this thing…

    hate it…

    a lot…

    BTW, I *love* to garden, but I am absolutely beyond belief *terrified* of bees. Saw a friend attacked by a swarm as a child and that was it.

    Enjoy your gardening :).


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  5. I thought I heard the agonized screams of another juniper meeting its demise at your hands. 😀

    Nice work! I love heather. 🙂

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